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You Change and As If By Magic, They Change

Mar 3, 2020

My husband and I have been acting like newlyweds lately.
And that’s no small feat given that we have been together for 26 years (and they haven’t all been easy!)
We have done a lot of work on our marriage over the years and have gotten to a place where it feels solid, supportive and loving.
But to be having so much fun together – that feels like we are going back in time to the beginning… only we are much wiser now.
We are cuddling, giggling, flirting as we forgive each other’s mistakes quickly and talk through difficult subjects only to feel reconnected and in love again.

What is going on? Is there something in the water here in Bogota?

I hate to say it but I think it has to do with the way I’ve changed over the past few weeks.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

My husband has said that to me as well over the years when I complained that HE wasn’t loving enough or patient enough or affectionate enough or _______________ enough.
Turns out these men may have been onto something.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband has been working on his “stuff” a lot lately, learning how to communicate better, etc.

But the shift seems to have occurred after our weekend with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I know, I know… I have been going on and on about that weekend in recent blog posts and Facebook videos. But when something works great, I want to shout it from the rooftops, in the hopes that it can help others.

As I described in this blog post, I realized in the weekend with Dr. Joe Dispenza that I had experienced a transcendental experience of pure love and bliss years ago.

And I had started wondering, “How would my life be different if I used my energy to manifest a state of love and gratitude and bliss throughout my days?”

And I had committed to doing Dr. Dispenza’s hour-long meditations every day in an effort to cultivate this state within myself.
Well here’s the update 3 weeks later:

I’m doing 25 minute meditations each day connecting to the feeling of the state that I want to create – one of feeling deep love towards everybody, seeing love everywhere and allowing miracles into my life.


I feel love and tenderness towards my husband most of the time. Even when he pisses me off, I’m getting better at telling him nicely and then coming back to center and feeling love again. He must be picking up on this energy and responding in kind and thus, we are like lovebirds again.


My BFF from college noticed how I seem to be blabbering on and on about gratitude and blessings, even in situations that would leave most people stressed out and not happy. I genuinely feel blessed and grateful.


I almost missed a flight connection in Mexico City which would have resulted in me missing a 3-day hiking trip in the mountains of Oaxaca with this friend. But the lovely people in Mexican Immigrations let me go to the front of the line for crew and diplomats and I made my flight. (I will save you the long story but this was a genuine miracle! It normally would have taken about 2 hours to get through immigration, change terminals and go through security again but I did it in 25 minutes. All thanks to the kindness of strangers at every step.)


I’m more understanding and loving with my teenagers and the one who is still at home seems to want to hang out with me all the time lately.


As of today, 56 people from 17 countries have registered for my Passion & Purpose Life Course and are reaching out to send me personal notes of appreciation for how much the course is helping them.

My conclusion is that as I see love in the people around me and try to feel love towards everybody (I haven’t gotten there yet but I have toned down my judgmental and critical tendencies), the world responds in kind.

I am changing and as if my magic, everybody around me seems to be changing also.

Who knew my husband could be so fun, adventurous, romantic, loving and affectionate? 

(Well, I did because he was all these things when we met. But something seemed to happen over the 26 years together that almost put out that fire. So happy to have it back!)

What about you? What’s the change that you want to see in the people around you? How can YOU become more of whatever it is you want?

I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below.


Happy Tuesday!




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