§ We came to this world to LIVE OUT LOUD.

My Secret to Eliminating My Anxiety

As I sat meditating for ten hours straight on a straw mat in a smoke-filled teepee in the lush Colombian rainforest while the meditation leader chanted and rhythmically beat a drum, I was aware of only one thing: how much my body ached

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The Joys of Furry Love

Truth to tell, I have always been more of a dog person but we travel so much that I just didn’t think it was fair to a dog to bring it into our home

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How to Create Flow & Inner Peace

How much of your day to you spend in ease and flow? With a sense of inner peace?

If you’re like most women, very little.

There’s so much pulling us in different directions that we are constantly multi-tasking and trying to “get more done” and be there for everyone else’s needs.

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3 Keys to Self Love

Do you believe it’s selfish or self-indulgent to love yourself? I don’t. Loving yourself is not only the basis for creating success on your own terms, it’s also the basis of creating healthy relationships and for being able to freely give to others. From the heart without resentment.

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How I Got My Groove Back

You know how sometimes everything seems to be going ok but you have this nagging feeling that something is off? Or you just aren’t happy?I’ve had that nagging feeling for the past couple of years and I knew what it was…

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