§ We are born to be ourselves, with our own unique vision, to do what nobody else can do.

Hi there! I feel like I know you…


You want to make a difference and integrate your many passions & talents into a life that works for you and provides for you financially.


Secretly, your biggest fear is that you will never do anything truly significant with your life and that it won’t ever really come together.


You have some clues as to what you want to do but no idea how to turn it all into reality


And you have so much on your plate and desperately want time for fun, adventure and self care so you can feel energized and at your best every single day! 


How do I know?


Because I have been there. I have taken the road less traveled and created an amazing life – a life with a great family, fun and adventure, financial abundance, plenty of time for me and the joy of doing work that I was put on this Earth to do.


Since 2001, I have helped thousands of soulful and creative leaders, just like you, find their purpose, get passion projects off the ground and make them successful. 


Together, we start successful purpose driven businesses, non-profits, movements and creative projects, get dream jobs and become agents of change. All while having fun and feeling great in our bodies, minds & spirits. 


I am a certified coach (PCC and CPCC) and a soulful mentor and teacher. I am a mama of three girls and a loving wife to my soul mate. A huge dreamer, I see possibilities and opportunities where others see obstacles. I am also extremely disciplined and pragmatic, with a knack for breaking down big ideas into practical, actionable steps.




I laugh. And play. And love.


I walk my talk and live my life to the max. I am an adventuress and an unapologetic seeker of the good life!




And I bet you are too!

I know what it’s like to have dreams, REALLY BIG DREAMS and to want more from life than what others around you think is possible. They don’t get all your passions and how you can’t settle for anything less that living your true purpose. DOING WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO!

I also know what it’s like to doubt whether your dreams can actually come true. And to be scared. To have a hard time trusting that it will all somehow come together as you live the twists and turns of your journey. And a little excited too, like “Wow! This may actually be possible!”

I know how badly you could use some SUPPORT. Somebody to partner with you and believe in you and your vision, while also being an experienced and practical sounding board. Somebody to call you forth into your greatness! Throughout my journey, I have worked with life and business coaches, healers, therapists, energy workers. BECAUSE IT’S JUST TOO HARD TO DO IT ALONE.

I have been where you are right now. I have had the doubts, felt the fear, took the risks, trusted and manifested everything I ever wanted. And I know you can do it too! All it takes is faith, determination, action and the right support along the way.


It all began with…

  • Born in the Ukraine and raised in an immigrant family in the United States, I was taught that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “you are as valuable as your achievements”. I was often labeled “a dreamer.” And this wasn’t a good thing where I come from.
  • I secretly hoped that there was a different way. That I could do what I love. Travel the world. Enjoy my life (rather than just working hard 24/7). I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!
  • Luckily, I also learned to NEVER, EVER give up on what I want. Tenacity and perseverance have always been key for me.

The transformative decade…

  • Yet I did what was expected of me. I graduated from Wharton, a top business school at an Ivy League University. Got the high-flying job. Kicked butt in the business world for 5 years and LEFT IT ALL to pursue my dream of FREEDOM – doing work that didn’t feel like work and playing with whom I want, when I want and how I want.
  • I backpacked for a year through Southeast Asia with my hubby. Met a few people who chose to live where they wanted and do work that they loved, in flip flops. I vowed to become one of them. 
  • After years of partying hard and not being so nice to myself, I healed lots of childhood trauma and learned to like myself and do what makes me happy. Lots of therapy and trying out nearly every healing modality under the sun. I went deep within to give anxiety and depression the boot and got inner peace and a “positive, anything is possible” outlook on life in return!

Spreading the love…

  • Weathering many ups & downs and twists & turns, I did lots of soul searching, volunteering and tried out different career paths. I finally found my life purpose: to teach what I have learned on my life’s journey! I studied psychology and coaching and hung up my shingle in 2001. Since then, I have helped thousands of ambitious and soulful leaders, creatives, coaches and do-gooders of all kinds live their passions and make a huge difference in the world.
  • We had our 3 babies and I became a soul mama. Homemade organic baby food. Lots of snuggle time. The works…
  • But my inner adventuress wouldn’t let up. I longed to show my girls the world.

It all comes together in a BIG WAY

  • The year I turned 40, I moved mountains (otherwise known as my loving and sensible hubby) to fulfill a lifelong dream of living abroad with my family. We now spend the school years in the Colombian Andes, are fluent in Spanish, travel all over the world during school breaks, spend summers in the United States catching up with friends and family and are getting pretty good at dancing salsa. We volunteer to give back, learn from local shamans and from people who really know how to enjoy life!
  • On a recent trip to New Zealand, I faced my fear of heights and jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000 feet. “IF I CAN DO THIS, I CAN DO ANYTHING!” has become my motto. Check out the funny video here.



Natalie is the best gift you can give yourself to create the life you really want! Vibrant yet contemplative, sincere and deep, loving and fierce, incisive and clear…these are some of the words I would use to describe this gifted coach and guide in my life. Natalie walks her talk! She makes stuff happen….  She is the best combination of business edge, ability to distill life to the essential and generosity. Working with her though the years is and has been a transformative experience. She is instrumental in inspiring me to raise my game, think big, access and materialize my gifts while keeping it simple.

Lisa Wolcott


Natalie has been a huge source of inspiration over the last twenty years as I’ve watched her design the life of her dreams and help many others do the same. She has always taken a holistic and balanced approach to finding joy and satisfaction in her professional, personal, and spiritual life. Her approach combines dreaming big and visioning with a healthy dose of pragmatism that has enabled her to radically transform her life, step by step. It was a process of unfolding that she tenaciously stayed with and tended to, through the fog and fuzziness. I truly believe that Natalie’s personal journey has blessed her with the wisdom, empathy, and a genuine respect for what it takes to create an authentically happy life so that she can help others who are also seeking to find their path and live a life that they have authored.

Jeannie Christ

HR Professional

Natalie’s coaching helped me to clarify and focus on what really matters (to me, not others!), and to set and achieve my goals. From the first time we met, I was impressed by Natalie’s way of thinking and being in the world, a person genuinely interested in people and living a great life! When I l learned that she was coaching a group of women in the program “Living with Passion and Purpose”, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m so grateful that I did! Natalie is empathetic, insightful, and one of the best listeners I have ever met. She lives what she teaches! Natalie is an inspiration and I enthusiastically recommend her as a coach and a leader.

Patricia Arauz

International Development Professional