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Natalie is the best gift you can give yourself to create the life you really want.

I don’t know where to start in praising Natalie. There’s so much to say! Vibrant yet contemplative, sincere and deep, loving and fierce, incisive and clear...these are some of the words I would use to describe this gifted coach and guide in my life. Natalie walks her talk. She makes stuff happen. She is transparent about her own path and deeply passionate about your journey. She doesn’t sit on the sidelines of her life. And she inspires you to walk out into the arena of your own life. I have known Natalie for 20 years, and am witness to her integrity, spirituality, soulfulness, consistency, warmth and drive.  

Natalie is the best combination of business edge, ability to distill life to the essential and generosity. Knowing and working with her through the years is and has been a transformative experience. She is instrumental in inspiring me to raise my game, think big, access and materialize my gifts while keeping it simple. I am so grateful for Natalie, and so happy that she is bringing her gifts out into the world on a bigger platform so that you have access to her!

Lisa Wolcott

LCSW, http://www.lisawolcott.com/

Working with Natalie is the best investment I ever made! It has been magical!

Before we began our work together, I underwent a huge deep personal transformation process. I wanted to live my life in a whole new way and have my career be a passion project that integrated my passions, skills and talents into something that can make a big difference in the world. I was also unemployed and wanted financial security and stability. I had no idea how to make it all happen.

Within a couple of sessions of working with Natalie, we were able to give birth to my passion project – a  learning community for female leaders to deepen and integrate their feminine and masculine sides so as to be even more effective agents of change in the world, and to help transform global consciousness. It was amazing how quickly it happened! Since then, everything has fallen into place and I am so excited that this project is taking shape and growing. I am attracting collaborators and support and it feels great!

To top it all off, within 3 months of working with Natalie, I was able to transform some deeply ingrained limiting beliefs about money and low and behold, I manifested my ideal part-time job. It’s fun and rewarding for me and allows me financial security (even abundance!) while I work on my passion project.

What makes Natalie so effective as guide in this process is that she is the perfect blend of the feminine – highly intuitive, inspiring, can go very deep to help me find answers within and process emotions, centered and grounded, connected to the heart – and the masculine energies – she asks just the right questions, easily helps structure ideas into doable tasks, sets milestones and deadlines, and brings focus when I am not feeling centered. It’s amazing how she can pick up the energy of the moment and pull out the exact tool that I need to guide me to the best possible outcome.  She’s awesome!

Alejandra Torres

Multi-passionate Change Maker, Entrepreneur and Singer

Put quite simply, Natalie Matushenko’s Living from Passion and Purpose Program changed my life.

With her guidance, I developed the insights and perspective I needed to begin living my life much more intentionally and to create the life I want. I retain and regularly rely on nuggets of wisdom I picked up during my time with Natalie, which makes a huge difference in day to day life. I have also learned the greater lessons Natalie taught me about living a life that builds up from passion and proceeds with purpose.

As a result, since participating in Natalie’s program, I have met and married the love of my life, I have attained my “end game” job (a decade ahead of schedule), and I have traveled to destinations I thought would only ever be dreams, including Prague, Madagascar, and the top of my bucket list – Tibet! I have lived abroad, learned a new language, been on safari (several times!), and abseiled down the side of Table Mountain. And all of that feels like just the beginning. I highly recommend Natalie’s Living from Passion and Purpose Program to anyone who wants to learn about creating the life you want, and living a life that resonates with your dreams.

Michael Dill

Education Specialist

I’m doing what I love because of Natalie!

She was the catalyst who supported me in discovering my passion for teaching children after many years as a corporate executive. I have a treasure trove of gratitude notes and pictures from students and parents, and am thrilled each day I’m in the classroom. All this because Natalie believed in me and supported me in discovering and pursuing my dreams.

What I like about Natalie’s coaching approach is that she is direct, positive, honest, encouraging, a good listener, and sharp.  Based on her wealth of experience, she was able to expertly ask the right questions that got me thinking  – contemplating my strengths, dreams, and what may be holding me back from achieving them.

By working with Natalie, you will be making positive changes in your life (if you are willing to do the work!).  You will feel motivated and inspired and you will realize your dreams. Natalie accepts you where you are, supports you in discovering your passion, uncovering roadblocks and cheering you on as you knock them down on your way to a more fulfilling life. She’s an inspiring catalyst! I highly recommend Natalie as a coach and a mentor.

Amy S


I’m a media and marketing leader—always looking for hard metrics, so to be honest, I was initially skeptical of the concept of a coaching process. However, within two sessions I began to see and feel results and my skepticism vanished. I could not have guessed then that Natalie would in fact help me build the foundation I needed to achieve profound success and satisfaction in both my personal and professional lives.

Through Natalie’s coaching, I sharpened my clarity and focus, which made me far more efficient and decisive – and freed me to spend more time on my own life. I made a transition from self-employed consultant to a custom-fit staff position at a prestigious think tank, which in turn provided the opportunity for tremendous personal and professional growth.

Today, I am in a loving, honest and supportive relationship with an amazing partner, and I have confidently left my staff position to embark on a fresh career journey in a new city. I owe it all to my work with Natalie—and her ceaseless commitment to my success and happiness.

Rebecca Campany

Marketing Strategist

Thanks to the work I did with Natalie over the last several months, I was able to get out of my own way, and to launch myself in new areas that I had been postponing for the “right time” to come.
There was no “right time,” there was just courage to take the first step. Natalie accompanied me as I took many of those first steps, in rapid succession: launching a women’s salon, starting a blog about living a beautiful mid-life, reviving my coaching practice, furthering my potential as a pianist, becoming grounded in a spiritual practice… to name a few. Natalie saw me and she heard me – and she lovingly accompanied me as I cleared the fog and noise that I had created for myself. Having walked through many peaks and valleys herself, Natalie knows of what her clients struggle with and dream of. She is a truly gifted coach, with deep experience, lovely wisdom and a host of different techniques and tools. Thank you with all my heart, Natalie!
Atsuko Horiguchi

Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Salon Principal, Pianist

After just one session with Natalie, I was able to start my reiki business and begin taking care of myself – doing yoga, eating healthier and many other things that I always wanted to do.

And after working with Natalie for three months, I am happy to report that I have had several huge breakthroughs around setting boundaries and creating the life I want.  I now have an established business, regular clients and I’m expanding my offerings to encompass all of my passions.  Natalie is insightful, gentle and caring.  She keeps my best interest at the forefront and is willing to be firm when I need encouragement and support.  I highly recommend Natalie’s help in creating a passion-filled life.  You won’t regret it! Natalie is a great coach and a great person!

Danor Padden

Reiki Healer and Entrepreneur

Natalie has been a huge source of inspiration over the last twenty years as I’ve watched her design the life of her dreams and help many others do the same.

She has always taken a holistic and balanced approach to finding joy and satisfaction in her professional, personal, and spiritual life. Her approach combines dreaming big and visioning with a healthy dose of pragmatism that has enabled her to radically transform her life, step by step. It was a process of unfolding that she tenaciously stayed with and tended to, through the fog and fuzziness. I truly believe that Natalie’s personal journey has blessed her with the wisdom, empathy, and a genuine respect for what it takes to create an authentically happy life so that she can help others who are also seeking to find their path and live a life that they have authored.

Jeannie Christ

HR Professional

Natalie has been my coach for the past three years during which time she’s challenged me to reach for higher goals, confronted my limited thinking, inspired me to rise to the occasion, and has coached me through figuring out “the how.”  

As a master coach with many years of experience, my standards for my own coach are rather high. Natalie has exceeded those expectations.  She doesn’t always say what I want to hear, but what I need to hear.  Thanks to Natalie’s coaching, I have navigated some significant personal and professional challenges with more finesse and positive results than I would have otherwise.

Cynthia Way

Master Certified Coach

Natalie is incredibly supportive, yet challenged me to dig deep within and reach my potential. She is capable of seeing the big picture and also breaking it down into an easy-to-follow path towards your dreams.

I have attended several of Natalie’s workshops and have participated in one of her women’s groups for the past four years. Natalie is an innate motivator! Her inspiring vision of life and her ability to connect from the heart make her unstoppable! 

Lyda Lizaraso

Mom, Wife & Wise Woman

By working with Natalie, I learned to believe in myself and my innate talents.

I have recommended Natalie’s coaching to many friends and colleagues. She always believed in my aspirations and helped guide me to pursue my passions. With Natalie’s guidance, I was able to focus on myself and my future dreams and goals and become aware of my strengths. 

Ellen Krieger

DDS & Jewelery Designer

Working with Natalie has been a true gift of personal growth and love!

It has been a huge blessing for me to participate in Natalie’s women’s, parenting and coaching groups over the past 5 years! She has an innate ability to read group dynamics and the emotions that come up and to communicate in a way that reaches us all deeply and makes the experience very enriching for everybody. Natalie is sincere, wise, authentic, loving and spiritual and she always wants the best for those around her. The way she lives her life is a great example for me and constantly inspires me as a woman, a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur.

Pilar Forero

Entrepreneur and Social Activist

Natalie is empathetic, insightful, and one of the best listeners I have ever met. She lives what she teaches! Her coaching helped me to clarify and focus on what really matters (to me, not others!), and to set and achieve my goals.

From the first time we met, I was impressed by Natalie’s way of thinking and being in the world, a person genuinely interested in people and living a great life! When I l learned that she was coaching a group of women in the program “Living with Passion and Purpose”, I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m so grateful that I did!  As a result of the program, I am more positive about my life and my ability to direct it. Natalie is very effective as a leader. She is open and supportive and a great listener. I have told many people – do it! It’s wonderful! Natalie is an inspiration and I enthusiastically recommend her as a coach and a leader.”

Patricia Arauz

International Development Professional

From day one of Natalie’s Living from Passion and Purpose Program, I felt inspired to change my life.

As a result of this course, I gained control – I learned that I control myself, my life and my environment. I have the power to change my life and my way of thinking – to think positively and big. 

Claudia Ayllon

Social Worker

I’ve only been working with Natalie for a couple of months but already, under her guidance, I am finding myself in full forward momentum – moving headlong into a life that feels meant to be. She has helped me to find a way to integrate my identity, interests, and convictions into work that feels purposeful and necessary.

I left my legal career to be home with my kids, and while I’ve never regretted that decision I also recognize that I put a lot of my life on hold to do so. I stopped thinking about what I could contribute in a larger way, where my place in the world could be.  So while deep down I yearned to find work that is both creative and consequential, I never took action; I let circumstances carry me along and allowed fear and doubt to take over.

With Natalie I am finally taking action, finding that fear and doubt are fading and are being replaced with excitement and real sense of possibility over where my interests and passions can take me. Already I am working to launch a website devoted to empowering global youth through storytelling, connection, and art; to form a group of secular Middle Eastern moms to support our families and counter the negative stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims in our midst; and have begun volunteering as a news reader for an organization that makes audio recordings of daily newspapers available to the blind and visually impaired (a population that I feel connected to because of my own vision problems).

Without Natalie I would never have had the courage to do any of these things – to capitalize on skills, contacts and energy that for years have lain dormant.  I can’t wait to see where this journey leads and as I take it , I am thankful for the whole-hearted support and guidance that Natalie provides. I cannot think of anyone with whom I’d rather be on this road!”

Laila Sultan

Change Maker & Mom

Natalie is truly one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself! 

Working with Natalie has made an incredible difference in my life– I feel more grounded, more powerful and more focused. I’ve even felt a deeper connection to my spiritual life. Natalie’s grace, gentle persistence and incredible intuitiveness has taken me places I would not have otherwise traveled. 

Kris Kohlman

Founder, Kohlman Atlee

With Natalie’s guidance in discovering and experiencing my personal power, I reached my financial goals in less than three months and set the stage for a physically fit lifestyle.

At the start of our work together, I set out some ambitious goals for what I had declared would be the best year of my life. Natalie’s intuitive approach activated my own inner wisdom and gave me the confidence to trust it.  During our coaching experience, life delivered a challenge to my most stubborn, lifelong issues.  Because I had access to my intuition and to the personal power building-tools that Natalie had introduced to me, I was able to negotiate this watershed with insight and compassion — and tremendous forward movement in my life.

Rebecca Fanning

Natalie’s Living from Passion and Purpose Program is very motivating and accessible to anyone – no matter what stage of personal development they are in. It was so worth the time and energy!

Alison Pion


What I got from Natalie’s program were real leaps of insight about how my beliefs impact my reality, focus on what I truly want and the motivation to pursue my dreams. If you do this program, you will be inspired and motivated and will gain a real insight into your own behavior and motivations.  

Sally Morrison

IT professional

In just one session with Natalie, we honed in on a key mindset block of mine that has been lifelong and therefore affecting all areas of my life.

Natalie taught me how to shift this quickly and effectively and it has become a powerful technique to shift my chronic anxiety. I learned how to continue the process on my own and it has brought immediate results! I am now able to meet my anxiety in the moment and within minutes shift my state to one of peace and trust – I was so surprised at how easy it was! THANK YOU NATALIE! 

Mandy DeBurro

Consultant, Photographer & Soulful Mama