§ Nothing makes me happier than to see people bust through their self-imposed limitations.

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?


Are you done playing small?


Do you want full self expression, living your passions and using your gifts & talents to make a huge impact in the world? 


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And time for you, your family, fun, joy and adventure? 

Let me show you how…

Since I hung up my shingle in 2001, I have helped thousands of soulful and creative leaders, just like you, find their purpose, get passion projects off the ground and make them successful. 

Together, we start successful purpose driven businesses, non-profits, movements, or creative projects and become agents of change. All while having fun, enjoying fulfilling relationships and feeling great in our bodies, minds & spirits.  Because your whole life can be extraordinary!


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I’m doing what I love because of Natalie! She was the catalyst who supported me in discovering my passion for teaching children after many years as a corporate executive. …What I like about Natalie’s coaching approach is that she is direct, positive, honest, encouraging, a good listener, and sharp.  Based on her wealth of experience, she was able to expertly ask the right questions that got me thinking  – contemplating my strengths, dreams, and what may be holding me back from achieving them. Natalie accepts you where you are, supports you in discovering your passions, uncovering roadblocks and cheering you on as you knock them down on your way to a more fulfilling life. She’s an inspiring catalyst! I highly recommend Natalie as a coach and a mentor.

Amy S.


Put quite simply, Natalie Matushenko’s Living from Passion and Purpose Program changed my life…  As a result, since participating in Natalie’s program, I have met and married the love of my life, I have attained my “end game” job (a decade ahead of schedule), and I have traveled to destinations I thought would only ever be dreams, including Prague, Madagascar, and the top of my bucket list – Tibet! I have lived abroad, learned a new language, been on safari (several times!), and abseiled down the side of Table Mountain. And all of that feels like just the beginning. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn about creating the life you want, and living a life that resonates with your dreams.

Michael Dill

Education Specialist

By working with Natalie, I learned to believe in myself and my innate talents. I have recommended Natalie’s coaching to many friends and colleagues. She always believed in my aspirations and helped guide me to pursue my passions. With Natalie’s guidance, I was able to focus on myself and my future dreams and goals and become aware of my strengths. 

Ellen Krieger

DDS and Jewelry Designer