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#1 Hack to Easily Make Changes

Jun 4, 2024

Have you ever come back from a workshop or a retreat, all excited and ready to change your life?

Only to find out that a month later, a week later, or maybe even a day later, you’re not doing any of the things that you committed to do.

And as you realize that you’ve dropped the ball yet again, you feel that familiar sense of disappointment, maybe even of hopeless.

I get it. I’ve been there. I too have made commitments to myself with every intention of following through, only to have life get in the way.

But when I finished my monthlong Sacred Femininity Training in Nicaragua a couple of weeks ago, I swore that this time things would be different.

The changes I made in myself were just too good to lose. I wanted to keep learning and growing and I knew that I needed to incorporate the practices I learned into my daily life to make sustainable changes…

So I came up with a hack that has helped me easily and effortlessly incorporate the new practices into my daily life. Every morning, I smile to myself because I can’t believe how easy it has been to make these changes this time around.
I made this video for you so you too can learn this simple, yet very effective hack to making sustainable changes in your life.

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Happy Tuesday!




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