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You Are Who You Hang With (And What You Can Do About It!)

May 17, 2022

Do you know that old saying that our lives reflect the lives of the five people we spend the most time with?

This usually gets a big “oh no!” look from people when I say this in a class or in a talk that I’m giving.

But, it’s so true.

We’re social beings and who we surround ourselves with, whether they’re positive you-can-do-it people or negative-it’s-never-going-to-work-out people makes all the difference in the world between whether we create the life we want or we don’t.
I’ve been reminded of this as I started interviewing AMAZING women for this year’s Rockin’ Life At Any Age Global Event.
As I interview women who inspire me, who remind me that anything is possible (even to thrive after losing a child!), I’m humbled and awed and pumped up to create an even more amazing life.
I want the same for you.
For you to be surrounded by people who support you and inspire you to go for your dreams.
I made this video for you so you too can find your tribe of fellow dreamers, wise women and go-getters. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!




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