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What I Do When I’m Triggered

Jun 30, 2020

It’s so easy to get triggered these days, no matter how much healing work you’ve done.

What do I mean by triggered?
When something that is happening triggers a painful memory from the past and our emotions in the moment are amplified as we feel not only the pain, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, anger or rage from the present moment but also the feelings associated with the painful memory. Our nervous system gets overwhelmed and we are forced into fight, flight or freeze.
I’ve been getting so many emails from women sharing with me how easily they get triggered these days.
Women find themselves triggered because they’re:

Living in captivity with loved ones. Way too much togetherness. Long-buried conflicts emerge. Between spouses or partners. Between parents and children. Between siblings. With our own aging parents.

Living alone. Feeling so lonely. Missing in-person human connection. Craving human touch.

Having economic worries.

Overwhelmed by the routines that held our lives together and have now changed or have been completely broken.

Anxious and afraid whether they are still on lock-down or social distancing or venturing out into the world again. None of us has ever lived through this before!

Allowing the realization that this could go on for another year or that life as we know it may be permanently altered to begin to sink in.

Find themselves in a changing world and anxious over an uncertain future.

I get it.

I too find myself anxious and fearful at times.

I too feel sick of being in confinement with my loved ones. I can’t wait to see friends!

I too am dealing with long buried issues that are coming up between my husband and I, between my daughters and between our daughters and us as parents. It can be overwhelming and exhausting.

I’m so over this COVID-19.

And I’m getting triggered like I haven’t in years!

My version of being triggered taps into my feelings of not being enough, of feeling like a failure.

My triggers make me want to climb into bed and not get out for 24 hours.

I get frustrated! I’ve done too much personal growth work to get triggered like this!

And then I use my tools and I feel better.

I realize that I once lived in a state of being triggered almost permanently. And now Trigger Land is just a place I visit for an hour max, usually only 15 min.

Here’s what I do:

1. Recognize that I’m triggered.

If the feelings feel more intense than the situations warrants or my family is telling me to take a chill pill, I know that I’m triggered.

2. Breathe.

It’s simple yet so effective. Taking 5 slow, deep breaths slows down everything in my nervous system so I can feel calmer.

3. Do a quick 1 min visualization.

I envision cosmic energy entering my body through the top of my head, filling me with powerful energy of creation and possibility and clearing out any energy that doesn’t serve me. I then imagine a grounding cord running from the base of my spine to the center of the Earth, anchoring me in Mother Earth where I receive her nurturing, sustenance and support. I usually feel way better at this point.

4. I do my Modified Havening Process.

This is the most powerful tool I’ve found to not only feel better in the moment but to transform the underlying trigger so it doesn’t trigger me again. It’s very powerful healing modality.

Here’s my gift to you: my Modified Havening Process

Use it and watch yourself feel better quickly!

And you know I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below or email me at natalie@nataliematushenko.com. I would love to know how the Havening Process is working for you


Happy Tuesday!




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