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What Happens After the Dark Nights of the Soul

Dec 6, 2022

As I shared last week, I’ve had many dark nights of the soul over the past couple of months. The kind that had me in bed in fetal position at times.

They forced me to go deep within and transform what I thought I had already healed decades ago.

But I can see now, that with an extra twenty years of life experience and wisdom under my belt, I am healing at a much more profound level.

As my kids grow, leave the nest and create lives of their own, I sense that I am in the process of rebirthing myself into the woman I am meant to be for this next stage of my life.

December is an interesting month. On the one hand, the holiday season has us crazy busy, not knowing what to attend to first.

On the other hand, as the year draws to a close and long hours of darkness overtake us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a natural time to reflect, to take stock, to go within.

It’s a time to shed what no longer serves us so we can make way for the new.
Whether your life is exactly as you want it to be or nothing like you want it to be… or anywhere in between… I made this video for you so you too can begin the process of releasing what no longer serves you to make room for the new.

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Happy Tuesday!




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