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#1 Way to Transform Anything You Don’t Like

Feb 1, 2022

This is a reposting of a popular blog post from January 26th, 2021. I’m currently at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advanced retreat and focusing all of my time and energy on learning new energetic techniques.

When I’m upset, I have a hard time sleeping. No wonder I woke up at 5 am this morning after only five hours of fitful sleep.
My purpose in life is to help promote consciousness and inspire people to live in joy and zest, regardless of circumstances.
My passions are to create community, local and global, and connect deeply to people through heart-to-heart transformational conversations and through my writing.

Bottom line: I love people! Being with people, talking to people, hugging people, laughing with people, crying with people, sitting in awe and reverence with people…

And yet to create the global community I want, I need to spend a great deal of my time working with something that it NOT my passion – technology.
Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what technology can do. I’m so, so grateful to Zoom and WhatsApp and other applications that allow me to connect with (and video with) people from around the globe.
I appreciate all the technological platforms that allow me to share my purpose with women all over the world.
Yet, I’m less than thrilled that I spend at least 50% of my working time learning new platforms and troubleshooting technological issues with my team of IT helpers.
And there are always issues…

We spent months testing the summit website only to have participants have a hard time accessing some of the videos. It took days to resolve the issue. Some videos randomly did not load and nobody on my IT team could figure out why! Maddening!

What had me up at 5 am this morning is that I’ve spent weeks organizing my Live with Passion & Purpose in 2021 (regardless of circumstances) masterclass series with my webinar IT expert in Slovenia only to have reminder emails go out with the wrong dates and links. Nearly 1,000 women couldn’t get onto the masterclasses! I was so frustrated I could cry.
I was too tired to shed tears though, so I took a deep breath instead and asked the Universe for guidance before I sat down to meditate.
What came to me almost immediately is Key Habit #4 from my 5 Key Habits to Create an Extraordinary Life.

Key Habit #4 – Use Everything for Your Growth & Benefit

This means that life is full of things that we don’t like or want. Crap happens all the time.

Don’t you agree?

As much as we would love everything to flow, it often doesn’t. And there’s no way we can control that, no matter how much some of us try. (I’m talking about myself here too. I’m a recovering control freak.)

What we can control is what we do with the crap that comes up.

How we show up to meet it.
This is where Key Habit # 4 comes in. It takes me out of victim mode (“Why does this always happen to me? This sucks! I worked so hard only to have all of it go wrong. I hate technology. I’m a people person and I spend my days doing IT stuff. This is crazy!)
And it puts me into EMPOWERED MODE.
I’m a grown, empowered woman:
I chose to take my work, my purpose out into the world and to do that, I have to rely on technology
I get the benefits of creating a global community and hearing from women from six continents (still waiting for a woman from Antarctica to get in touch!)
I chose to keep learning new technologies in service of my purpose. I know from nearly 20 years of experience of helping soul driven people uncover their passion and purpose that we often need to do tasks that aren’t our favorite in service of our vision and the impact we want to make.
Once I stopped feeling like a victim, I was in the headspace to ask myself the following questions:
What have I already learned from struggling with IT issues over the past five years?
What else is there for me to learn in this situation?
How can I grow as a human being and as an entrepreneur from this experience?
Here’s what I realized:
I have grown so much thanks to my IT woes.

1. I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff, go with the flow and accept mistakes.

I have cut down on my perfectionistic tendencies by at least 70% over the past five years. I used to freak out when the wrong email went out. Now, I take most of it in stride.

2. I’ve kept my brain nimble (and perhaps am keeping dementia at bay) by learning new skills.

Sure, I get frustrated when I can’t figure out how to do something I need with a new program. But I also feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment when I do.

3. I’ve learned to manage IT professionals all over the world.

I’ve hired team members on Upwork from at least a dozen countries. Some have been great and some, not so much. I’ve learned to ask for what I want clearly, give feedback, set boundaries, encourage high performers on my team and fire those who weren’t doing what they committed to do.

4. I’ve learned that there is always a solution to every problem.

No matter how complicated it seems or how pressed for time I am. I just need to take a deep breath and know that we will figure it out.

5. I’ve learned to love myself more.

I’ve learned to give myself a break. To trust that I’m enough, even in all my imperfection. To know that I’m helping people and giving the best of myself, even when there are IT hiccups. Learning to love myself unconditionally has been a lifelong lesson and it’s a worthwhile one!
Wow, once I focused on what I’d learned from my IT troubles, my entire perspective shifted.
I realized that not only have I already learned a lot but that there’s even more to learn so I can grow.
To become more flexible. More tolerant. More open to making mistakes, even publicly.
Yet at the same time become more assertive, being even clearer on what I need and holding people accountable for not following through.
To manage better, double checking more the work of my team, while at the same time empowering them to do their best.
All of the sudden, my IT problems transformed into a gift for my growth and development and my mood shifted.
I think I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Happy Tuesday!




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