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Transform Your Life with Alejandra Torres

Nov 15, 2017


Have you ever met or worked with someone who amazes you with their spirit and capabilities? Who makes you love what you do? Who inspires you?

Having spent the past 25 years immersed in deep personal growth and choosing a career as a transformational coach, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people who amaze me with their capabilities, of working with people who I feel blessed to support, and of cultivating friends who support me and inspire me to keep growing to become the best possible version of me.

Yet, even with all that, sometimes I’m lucky enough to have somebody in my life who blows my mind with their capacity for deep self-exploration and utmost effectiveness for turning dreams into reality…

That’s why I’m so honored and humbled by this week’s straight-talking unedited conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Making A Difference with Alejandra Torres, a true renaissance woman – a transformational leader, successful business owner, environmental activist, acclaimed musician and mama of two.

I have known Alejandra since college and she is also a client. I invited her to have this conversation with me because HER STORY IS SO INCREDIBLY INSPIRING!

In less than four years, Alejandra underwent a “dig deep into the depths of your soul” life-changing personal growth process and completely and radically transformed every aspect of her “perfect and successful” former life into a beautiful, “authentically her” life and also founded MUSAS, an academy and vibrant and popular online community which supports the transformation, healing and creative expression of the Sacred Feminine.

Her story is a story of courage, strength, creativity, and triumph and I know that you will get so much inspiration from it and feel like you too can make your dreams come true when you watch it or listen to it!

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It’s my gift to you!


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