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This Technique Blew My Mind!

May 29, 2018



 Have you ever learned a new healing modality or tool and wondered how you ever lived without it before?
That’s what happened to me this past weekend.

I learned TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) and IT BLEW MY MIND!

Not to mention that after the workshop I had my first uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep in six months! A true miracle.

I’ll tell you what has been going on. For the past six months, I have been suffering from digestive issues that wake me up at about 4:30 am and leave me in the bathroom for hours. TMI, I know, but I feel like I need to be truthful about what’s happening.

Allopathic doctors haven’t been very helpful. They think it’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome (but need to do a colonoscopy to know for sure…fun!) and there is nothing that can be done for IBS other than lifestyle modifications. It’s how my body responds to stress.

I have been trying all kinds of alternative therapies and remedies also – bioenergetics interventions, homeopathic injections, Quantum healing, Healing Code, aromatherapy, Chinese herbs… you get the idea.

Everything has helped a little bit but I still haven’t managed to get more than 5 hours of sleep most nights… not nearly enough because my body needs 8 to 9 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

I have felt so frustrated and exhausted.

And then I learned TRE. If you have never heard of it, you can learn more about it here.

It’s kind of weird at first to let your body tremble like that but also liberating. I could literally feel my body liberating years’ worth of stress and trauma.

And after just 20 minutes of allowing my body to tremble (and if you have no idea of what I am talking about, you can learn more here), I felt like I had spent the day at a spa, relaxed and at peace yet energized.

Best of all – that night, I slept like a baby (and only spend 5 minutes in the bathroom upon waking – my body was healing itself!

And what I also love about it is that I learned the technique in about 30 minutes and can now do it anytime I need it. I don’t need to go to a special therapist or pay a lot of money. I can just do it on my own.

The creator of TRE, Dr. David Berceli, recommends doing the exercise at least 3 times per week to allow our bodies to release all the pent-up stress and tension. I should mention here that you should consult a medical doctor before undertaking any healing program. I am not a doctor nor do I receive any compensation for recommending TRE. I am just sharing a resource that I have found to be helpful in the hopes that it can help you, if you believe it’s a good option for you.

I would also suggest that if you’re interested in exploring this technique and how it can help you further, you find a certified practitioner to teach it to you either individually or in a workshop. The technique is simple yet you want to be learn how to adjust your body so you don’t hurt yourself in any way and also how to handle intense emotions of memories that may come up while doing the exercises.

And if you wind up exploring TRE, I would love to hear from you what you uncovered and how it worked for you. Just feel free to leave a message below. You know I love connecting with you!

Happy Tuesday!



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