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The Simple Exercise That’s Changing My Life

Mar 16, 2021

I think of myself as a pretty great manifestor/creator of my ideal life. Yet I learned a simple exercise that has taken my manifesting/creating abilities to a whole new level.
A month ago, I particpated in a 21-day manifestation challenge led by Marisa Peer. I love challenges because they normally take less than 20 minutes per day and get me to focus on an area of my life that I want to improve in some way.
During one of the first days of the challenge, Marisa had us do a simple exercise: Describe our ideal day
Sounded simple enough so I set out to write out my ideal day. It goes something like this:

Wake up feeling refreshed after 8-1/2 hours or more of sleep.

I take a few minutes to breathe deeply, read something inspirational and feel deep love and gratitude in my heart for another day to enjoy my beautiful life.
Give my husband a big smooch and a happy “Good Morning!” as I head off to the bathroom to do my morning stuff.
Take a COLD shower (one of my goals because cold showers are so good for us and make us feel terrific and ready to take on the world! But yikes! They’re brrrr… Cold!).
Jump back in bed to snuggle with my husband for a few minutes.
Go next door (did I mention that in my ideal day, I live in a house on the beach near other like-minded consciousness seeking people?) to meditate in community as we look over the blue sea.
Move my body – HIIT, yoga, hiking, dancing – after which somebody says to me, “You’re how old? You’ve got so much energy, I thought you were 20 years younger!”
Head back to my home office (with sliding doors that open to the patio on the beach) and meet with my capable, amazing work team. They handle all the logistics of my business – the IT stuff, the financials, marketing, logistics – while I am there to manage them, work with clients, teach courses and speak about ageless living. I also have a team member who helps me use a big portion of the money my business generates to finance women’s empowerment projects all over the world.
My team and I eat a healthy, nutritious lunch while dreaming of plans for the future.
After lunch, my time is mine to sit in circle with amazing women, paint, do ceramics, read, take courses, plan trips, hang out with friends and family. Maybe grab my husband for an afternoon lovemaking session.
I gather with my husband, our girls and our friends to watch the sun set over the sea, feeling deep gratitude in my heart for my day and my amazing life.
We have a delicious, healthy dinner in family and community and then spend the evening talking and sharing. Somebody pulls out a guitar and starts playing it as we all sing.
I make love to my husband, if I haven’t earlier in the day.
I clear my energy from the day and fall asleep grateful for yet another amazing day of life.
This simple exercise blew me away!
It made me realize a few things:
1. My simple day contains all that is truly important to me – to live with love and gratitude, be healthy and have zest and energy for life, be in fulfilling relationship and community with people I love, to do meaningful work that helps other and to have time to enjoy it all!
2. How much of my ideal day is already in my life! This helped me cultivate an even stronger feeling of gratitude and love.
3. I needed to get more support with my business so I can focus on the stuff I love to do while allowing my business to grow and serve more women.
4. I needed to change up my exercise routine. I’d become complaisant doing the same routines with the same videos/classes and I needed to change it up to keep me motivated.
5. I REALLY want to live on a beach.
6. And the biggest realization of all was that I wanted to have the afternoons off from work to pursue my own growth and interests.

I was so impacted by my insights from the exercise that I decided to incorporate my ideal day into my morning visualization routine.

It’s simple: I get myself into a feeling state of love and gratitude and I envision living my ideal day.

I’ve been doing this every morning for a month now and I have no doubts that I’m going to manifest the life I’m living in my ideal day. I have no idea how (not my job) or when (not my job either) but I KNOW it will happen. I’ll leave the HOW and WHEN to the Universe.
In the meantime, I’ve noticed that I’m already manifesting/creating some of the changes I’m envisioning:

1. I started taking cold showers in the morning.

It’s not as hard to do as I thought. I start off with a hot shower, then turn it to warm, then cooler, and finally cold. I stay under the cold water for 2-3 minutes!

And it’s so worth it! I feel energized and my mood improves instantly. I start off my day feeling that “if I can do this, I can do anything!”

2. I’ve changed up my exercise routines.

I went on You Tube and found different HIIT workouts, toning abs and core workouts, toning arm exercises and yoga routines. I’ve been changing up my routines and I feel so motivated again to exercise and move my body now!

3. I make sure to give my hubby a big smooch every morning.

4. I’ve hired more help for my business.

I love leaving the IT, marketing, and social media stuff to the experts so I can spend my time writing and connecting to you all!

5. I take time during the workday for myself.

I go for walks with my husband, take my girls out to lunch and see my girlfriends. I already found a ceramics class which I plan to sign up for as soon as I can get the COVID vaccine.
Not bad for a month! .

It’s amazing how visualizing what we want daily quickly gets us into action to create it! 

And you know I love you all and am so grateful to have you in my community so I just had to share this simple exercise in the hope that it helps you too.

What about you? Are you visualizing every day? What are you creating?

I love connecting with you! Leave a comment below or send me an email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!




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