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The Secret To Manifesting All That Your Heart Desires

Nov 27, 2018


Within a month of declaring my intention to bring my workshops to an international audience, I had groups of amazing women (and a few good men!) waiting for me in Santa Marta and Bogota (Colombia), Costa Rica and Australia.


That’s when I knew I had gotten pretty darn good at manifesting.


Wanna know the secret?

There are many pieces that go into effective manifesting but if I have to distill it, it all boils down to a blend of having an attitude of gratitude, using your superpower, being of service and taking inspired action.

Attitude of Gratitude –

There is nothing like this time of year (Thanksgiving in the United States) to make us focus on gratitude, but cultivating an attitude of gratitude year-round helps you manifest big time. The more you focus on what you appreciate and are grateful for, the better you feel, the higher your energetic vibration, the greater your sense of deserving, the quicker you attract what you want to you… got it?

Using Your Superpower –

Figure out what your superpower is and start using it!  


I have known for a long time that my superpower is connecting to people but I wasn’t using it when I lived in a small town and spent my days doing the nitty gritty of my business.

It was only once I hired an assistant to do the stuff that is definitely not in my genius zone (IT, images for Facebook, making my blogs look inviting) and started getting out and connecting with people (coffees, lunches, playdates, networking events, talking to anyone and everyone as I walk around my new home of 8 million people, Bogota), that the invitations to lead workshops started coming my way in droves.

Being of Service –

Let’s face it, we often focus on what we want to get in life. Yet focusing on how we can be of service to those around us allows the Universe to send us opportunities to be of service. I knew that I wanted to lead workshops around the world and I asked the Universe to show me how I can best be of service, to guide me to those who could really benefit from what I had to offer.

As soon as I put it out to the Universe, I received an email from somebody in Australia who reads my blog and wanted to collaborate on a workshop with me. Then a Chilean friend I was having coffee with said, “Wow! I meet regularly with a group of women and we would really be interested in one of your workshops.” Shortly thereafter, I had coffee with a Colombian woman who I know from my Mindfulness meditation community and she was super excited to learn how to manifest abundance. Turns out she has a large, active community here in Bogota and we co-led a workshop for an amazing group of women and men a week later.

Taking Inspired Action –

Everything I just wrote doesn’t amount to much unless we take inspired action and seize the opportunities when they present themselves.


For example, I am going to be in Melbourne in January for a family vacation and I had made a friend this summer who lives there. I jumped on Skype with her and our Manifesting Abundance in 2019 course was born. 


For the workshop in Bogota, we had about 12 days to pull the whole thing together, including advertising it, and I was on vacation with my family and my parents for get the best of me and put the workshop off until January (my partner’s next available opportunity) but I know that I need to seize the moment when it presents itself. We made the workshop happen and it only wound up taking a few hours out of my vacation time.

So there you have it – my tips for manifesting quickly and effectively.


What about you? Any tips to share on what has helped you manifest abundance?


You know I love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch.

Happy Tuesday!






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