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The Discomfort Is Worth It!

Sep 29, 2020

I’m so frustrated, I could cry! Or throw my laptop! Or both!

I’ve spent countless hours this week resolving issues with the summit website. Videos weren’t loading at times. Pages weren’t showing up. It all worked smoothly last year. What’s happening this year?

I contacted my developer in India. I chatted with my hosting services provider. Php versions. Coding.

It’s a foreign language to me!!! I didn’t understand most of what was going on.

There were moments when I wondered what a non-techie person like me is doing organizing a global summit for 10,000 women?!! Am I nuts???

In those moments, I had to stop and breathe deeply.

And to remind myself that it’s not about the website. It’s about the bigger purpose:

To bring much needed inspiration, wisdom and tools to ten-thousand women around the world.

My passions are to learn, to grow and transform, to create community, to connect with women from cultures around the world.

My gifts and talents are that I’m smart, visionary, highly intuitive, connect deeply to others, interview well and get things done.

My purpose is to inspire others to joy beyond joy.

And what I know after nearly two decades of teaching my Passion & Purpose Life Course while endeavoring to live my own life to the fullest is that living our passions and purpose isn’t always easy.

It often requires us to:


Uncover our passions and purpose


Own our gifts and talents

Stretch outside our comfort zones
Do things we “aren’t good at”
Risk public embarrassment or failure
Transform internal negative beliefs
Overcome our inner saboteur
Take action, even when we aren’t sure what to do
Take classes or learn new skills
Follow up with people who aren’t doing what they said they would
Ask for favors
Set boundaries
Invest time, energy and money in our dreams
The list goes on and on…

I had to do all that and more to make the second-annual Extraordinary Life After 40 summit happen.

And here’s what I can tell you – it was absolutely worth it!

There’s nothing as amazing and fulfilling as using our gifts and talents to live our purpose and make a difference in the world.

In my case, the temporary discomforts were eclipsed by the joy of reading your posts in the Facebook group or the emails that you’ve sent me. Your words of encouragement and appreciation, like this:

Really worth checking out for all women of any age. An amazing variety of speakers and an intuitive host that makes all the speakers shine.

What amazing wisdom and access to truly incredible leaders and experts (most of whom I had no knowledge about before finding this summit)! Thank you! – Jean Van’t Hul
I am sad that I only had time to listen to one video per day. The women I listened to were very professional, knowledgeable and confident. I am excited to have found this event and look forward to the next! – Nadine Hatzitolios McGill – Speaker, Author, Self-esteem Shifter
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve already felt my mood and health go up in the last 3 days following the speakers’ advice, and I’m so grateful. – Anonymous
Natalie, you are amazing! Thank you for bringing together women with such a variety of knowledge and understanding. Our world requires it so much right now. – Kimberley Horner, ND, MS
All this amazing feedback made my heart smile! I feel so grateful for all of you for being a part of my community!

For letting me share my passion and live my purpose.

For pushing me to grow and learn.

That’s what keeps me inspired, engaged and fully alive.

What about you? What are your passions? What are you willing to suffer some discomfort for? What makes you come alive?


You know I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below or email me at natalie@nataliematushenko.com. I would love to know how you are feeling these days!

Happy Tuesday!




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