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A Simple Truth That Was A Game Changer For My Marriage

Oct 4, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I had an argument with my husband.

I was really annoyed with him because… he’s amazing. But he has this thing. If he goes to a store and I ask him to get a bunch of things, he never seems to want to write it down or take a list. He swears he’ll remember it, and then he inevitably forgets one or two things. And I’m inevitably so annoyed.

Can you relate? We all have those little things that annoy us about our partner.

And just as I was about to get really angry and drag all the other times he’s let me down into our argument, I remembered my recent interview with Dr. John Gray, the New York times best-selling author of Men are from Mars and Women Are from Venus. He has dedicated his career to male/female relationships and especially to our different communication styles and how they impact each other and cause a lot of strife in relationships when they really don’t have to.
Remembering what Dr. John Gray told my partner, Debra Poneman and I, in that interview stopped me in my tracks. My anger and annoyance lifted and I was able to share my feelings with my husband from a more loving place. And that of course changed everything… and even inspired him to take a list the next time he went to the store.
Check out this video to hear what Dr. John told us. My hope that it can help you too the next time you’re annoyed with your male partner.

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