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This One Question Can Turn Your Life Around

Feb 15, 2022

I found myself in a major funk in January and I just couldn’t shake it.

I haven’t been in a funk like this in years. Especially in January. Right after vacation. The start of a new year. I’m normally so energized and ready to go.

This was going to be my year of love and possibility… yet I felt unmotivated and “blah”.

I got sick with COVID and had to cancel my Tripp to Cancun for a weeklong Joe Dispenza retreat.

That retreat was going to be my reset and recharge. Not to mention, my opportunity to meet up friends I haven’t seen in years, thanks to the pandemic.
I was seriously bummed.
But I know from my three decades on the personal growth path that I am meant to grow and learn from everything that happens in my life… so I asked the Universe for guidance and relaxed trusting that I’d get the answer when it was time.
The Universe delivered… through a simple question in a book. This question quickly turned my mood around. It connected me to my passion and purpose and zest for life in just a couple of days.

I made this video for you so you too can ask yourself this question and turn your mood and your life around. Enjoy!

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Happy Tuesday!




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