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Put Yourself First

Feb 28, 2018


Do you have a hard time putting yourself first?

I struggled for many years to not only be the “perfect” mom, partner to my husband, friend, daughter, community member but to also have a successful business, a great social life and, of course, look great while doing it all.

I often felt exhausted and overwhelmed. Appearances became more important than reality and more and more, I felt disconnected from my true self. Where had that free spirited, happy, adventurous me gone?

For me, everything shifted when I realized that I was killing my soul trying to do everything perfectly and meeting everyone else’s needs and started putting myself first.

What did that mean in practice?

It meant giving myself a break, first and foremost. Learning to laugh at my mistakes, at all the times I forgot to do something or messed something up.

“Oh well, I’m human”, I learned to say.

It meant realizing that my needs for self-care were non-negotiable and I began to hand my baby off to my husband as he walked in the door and go to yoga class.

It meant paying $15 per hour for a babysitter when my kids were very young so I could work on my fledgling business. Even though I wasn’t making enough money back then to even cover the cost of babysitting, I knew that I was worth investing in.

As they grew, I began to tell my kids, “I am going to lock myself in my bedroom to meditate for 20 minutes. Do not come for me unless the house in burning down.”

It meant getting extra takeout when I didn’t want to cook and even teaching our oldest at the tender age of 6 where to find the cereal, milk and bowls for her and her 3-year old sister while her dad and I slept in a bit on Saturday mornings.

She was so proud of her independence and we got some much-needed rest.

Not only did all these things make me a way happier person but they also made me a better mom, partner, daughter, friend and allowed me to build a successful business doing what I love.

This is why I’m so happy to bring you this week’s straight-talking unedited conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Making a Difference with Deb Blum, an empowerment coach, educator, and speaker who teaches moms the practical steps to live more authentically, love their lives and themselves in the midst of parenting obligations, and develop the inner fortitude to thrive in this pressure-filled, volatile, fast-paced digital world.

In our conversation, Deb shares about her path to following her purpose and how she learned to listen to the whisperings of her soul and put herself first.

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This conversation really hits at the heart of what is means to love and care for yourself! Deb’s wisdom is hard won and she readily shares it to help you live your best life.

Happy Tuesday!



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