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The Power of Heart-to-Heart Conversations

Oct 3, 2017

My “livin’ it up” streak continues… I just spent an amazing weekend visiting a dear friend in Cali. She’s like a sister to me.

We hung out and hiked and swam and had super nourishing heart-to heart talks. She’s a wise woman and we love and support each other through thick and thin.

It was so much fun and like balsam for my soul.

It reminded me of the power of women to support, inspire and nourish each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

What about you – do you have women in your life who support and inspire you? To have heart-to-heart conversations with? If not, how can you get some into your life asap?

The whole experience made me reflect about why I was feeling burnt out with my business in the first place (before I started focusing on playing hooky and having fun a few weeks ago)… and I realized that it was mostly due to my lack of community in the online space as I build an online business.

I’m a people person and get energized by connecting to other people. My laptop just doesn’t do it for me.

This is why I’m so excited that I’m starting to interview amazing women who are living their passion and purpose this week!

I have connected with dear friends and colleagues who are experts in the fields of life design, relationships, women’s empowerment, healthy natural living, parenting, mindful writing… and I’m just getting started.

It has been so much fun to have honest, no-holding-back conversations with these women and learn not only how they came to be living their passion and purpose (so inspiring!) but also get lot so tools and practical advice in their fields of expertise. Double win!

I will be offering these video and audio recordings free of charge on my website, to share the tools and inspiration.

The way it’ll work is that I will upload a new recording every Wednesday, starting on October 11th. All you have to do is go here to sign up and you can listen to all of them or pick and choose the ones that most interest you.

These women are AMAZING so I know you’ll get lots of wisdom, tools and inspiration from these interviews!

Have a fantastic week!



P.S. I would love to spread the wisdom and share these interviews with all the people who would benefit from them. Please help me out (and help your friends and family out!) by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. 

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