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Aug 27, 2018



If you could ask a wise and amazing parenting expert a question, what would you ask?

I don’t know about you but I struggle with what to do in certain situations as a mom at times.

Just like everybody else, I want to raise kind, responsible, loving, caring and hard working women who love themselves and create the lives of their dreams.

When it comes to screen time (the biggest culprit of arguments in our house), navigating teenage independence or setting limits with my 8 –year-old around chores, it’s sometimes hard to know when I am being too Soviet-general like (I was born in the former Soviet Union) or appropriately strict in a way that’s good for them.

But I’m also super sensitive and can sometimes be too empathetic or a “pushover” as my husband calls it at moments.

I want to give my girls the understanding I never had growing up but sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s right at any given moment.

And they certainly know how to play me and push my buttons as well. This is definitely a two-way street.

Over the years, I have mostly worked it out and feel pretty good about how I show up as a mom. My girls are growing up to be young ladies who I am very proud of.

And when I don’t get it right, I apologize (if I was too tough or had a tone or yelled) or go back and revise agreements if I agreed to something that really doesn’t sit well with me.

But when I’m truly stomped for what to do on any given issue, there is one woman I consult with: Bonnie Harris.

Bonnie is a highly-experienced parenting therapist and coach and author of several acclaimed parenting books.  She is a mama of two and a wise, wise woman who always has a practical answer to even my biggest questions.

I received so many comments and questions from you after my 2017 interview with Bonnie that I wanted to bring her back so answer more of your burning questions.

This coming Friday, I will be recording an unedited heart-to-heart conversation with Bonnie which I will be sharing with you in September so I would love to know:

What are your burning questions for Bonnie? What do you struggle with most as a parent? What would help you be a better parent to your kids, regardless of their ages?

I am here to serve you and would love to get you the info and support that will be most useful for you so please leave a comment with your questions below.

Happy Tuesday!



P.S. My interview series is back… for the month of September, I will be sharing with you interviews with amazing women who are living their passion and purpose and making a difference in the world. These women will give you tips and tools you can use today to help you create your amazing life. You can sign up here to listen to the interviews.

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