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One Question That Can Transform the Hardest Moments

Nov 29, 2022

Over the past three months, I’ve had many dark nights of the soul.

The get under the covers in fetal position kind.

The kind I thought I left behind decades ago… “After 30 years of personal growth work? Really? I can still feel like this?”

I was really scared to be done with the summit and have space… to feel!!

And then, I heard one question that really spoke to my soul.

I asked myself this question and the answers that emerged are changing me and my life in the most profound ways.

I made this video for you, just in case you too are in despair or just not as happy as you’d like to be. My deepest hope is that asking yourself this one question will help you too.
And by the way, after I recorded the video, I realized I had a piece of spinach in my teeth. For a nano-second, I thought of re-recording the video… but then I thought, “What a wonderful opportunity to practice not showing up perfectly and it still being ok!” So here’s the video, with spinach in my teeth…

As promised here’s a link to the modified Havening Video I made, an incredible technique to help you calm your nervous system and return to inner peace.

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Happy Tuesday!




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