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Navigating Change Into a Whole New Life

Oct 15, 2019

I’m on 27-hour back from visiting my oldest daughter in Armenia. As I sit here in an airport lounge, I am a jumble of feelings.

On the one hand, I am so happy, pleased and proud. My daughter is an amazing human being and I am so honored to be her mom. Her experience in UWC Dilijan is only making her more independent and conscientious about the world around her.

She has transitioned to her new life smoothly, made great friends, is making the most out of terrific education and is talking about going to Georgia (the country) with friends the same way she used to talk about going to the mall. She is now even more aware of income disparity, sexism, racism, every “ism”, environmental issues and the need for more equality and justice in our world.

As a mama, I feel at peace knowing that she can now navigate her way in the world and is destined to make a positive contribution to society. It’s mostly just who she is but I can be proud of myself for not having screwed it up and maybe even having contributed to her consciousness.

And on the other hand…

My heart aches. My baby is so grown up and independent. She is starting to prefer to travel with her friends rather than with me (gulp!).

My head knows that this is all normal and healthy and yet my heart is whimpering.

Where have the years gone?

As I tried to get a cat nap in last night before heading off to the airport for my 4 am flight, I kept picturing the years flashing before my eyes. My daughter as a colicky infant who never slept, a rambunctious toddler, a curious young girl, a sometime obnoxious (in her early teens) but mostly pretty decent teenager.

And now she is seventeen and truth to tell, hanging out with her in Armenia often felt like spending time with a good friend. It was fun and easy and I wanted more of it.

Just as she is wanting to spread her wings and get to know the world.

All this makes me think of my conversation with Lucia Giovannini for my Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit. Lucia is a vivacious former Italian supermodel turned transformation speaker and author of 13 books.

Lucia and I talked about navigating change into a whole new life – how to welcome change into your life, how the axes of change works and how to take care of yourself during a period of big transition. Lucia’s wisdom comes in very handy as I face my transition of navigating a grown-up relationship with my daughter.

Lucia is one of the 44 world-renowned experts who I interviewed for my free online Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit.

In this summit​ I gathered 44 world class experts in the fields of hormonal balancing, relationships, sex, health, money, parenting, business, beauty, healing and personal transformation and what I discovered is that with the right resources and support, our changing hormones are the gateway to claiming our wisdom and power as women, to feeling gorgeous, sexy, confident, successful and fully alive, to renegotiating our relationships so they fulfill us, to finding our true purpose and legacy and to creating lives that are even better than anything we have imagined!

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See you on October 21st.

Happy Tuesday!




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