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Align Your Story With Nadia Colburn

Jan 18, 2018


As I wrap up 2017, I can’t help but reflect on the year, my wins and losses, and think about what I want the next year to look like.

People always ask me how I created my dream life – became a coach and teacher, moved abroad with my family and created a life of adventure, love and abundance.

The long answer has been a 20-plus-year journey but if I had to distill it down: I figured out who I was, what’s most important to me (not my family or society but me!), what lights me up and I just started doing it.

Of course, it wasn’t so simple and I had to heal a lot along the way, do tons of mindset work, get healthy and try out pretty much every healing and personal growth tool under the sun.

While a lot of different tools played a role in my journey, I would say one of the most powerful ones, if not THE most powerful one, has been writing.

I write to:

1.     Journal – there is nothing like journaling to make sense of my world, figure out what I’m thinking and feeling and what mindset is getting in the way of what I want. Whenever I am feeling down or troubled, my journal is the first thing I reach for, like a trusted friend.

If you don’t journal, I strongly encourage you to try it. Just pull out a pen and a cute and inspiring notebook and start writing.

2.     Do morning pages – that’s writing 3 pages of whatever comes to mind first thing in the morning. Kind of like journaling but because you do it in the morning and write whatever comes to mind, even if it’s “I would rather be sleeping right now”, you access your subconscious easier and sometimes come up with some pretty inspirational and creative ideas and solutions to your problems.

You can learn more about morning pages in Julia Cameron’s amazing book, the Artist’s Way.

3.     Express my gratitude – I write down at least 5 things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. Focusing on gratitude is a great way to end the day and ensure a good night’s sleep.

4.     Get clear on what I want – ever since I learned about manifesting and the Law of Attraction, I have made lists of what I wanted to manifest in my life. I found a list that I wrote about 10 years ago:

–       Happy, thriving kids

–       Loving, connected partnership with my husband

–       Work that doesn’t feel like work and allows me to help people and make a big difference in their lives while working no more than 20 hours per week and having a flexible schedule

–       Financial abundance

–       Living abroad

–       Travel and adventure

–       Time for self-care

–       A cook to make us healthy meals (I was audacious!)

I’m happy to report that all the things I wrote down, I manifested!

I really believe that writing down your dreams in as much detail as possible is an important step in making them happen.

Writing has been such a huge part of living from passion and purpose for me, that I’m very excited for this week’s episode of WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Living Their Passion & Purpose.

This week, I will have a straight-talking unedited conversation with my dear friend, Nadia Colburn. Nadia is a writing and life coach, an award winning creative writer, a kundalini yoga teacher, serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, mother, social activist, and founder of Align Your Story, a unique online writing course with yoga and meditation.

You can sign up to watch or listen to the conversation here.

Nadia talks about her journey from intellectual academic to creating a career that reflects all of who she is and aligning her story through mindfulness, yoga and writing. She shares about the importance of faith and patience and how the path unfolds organically if you slow down enough to pay attention and listen to the wisdom within yourself.

This conversation will give you inspiration and faith in trusting your journey as well as tools you can use to align your story through writing and listening to your deepest inner voice.

You can sign up to watch or listen to the conversation here.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!



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