§ We came to this world to LIVE OUT LOUD.

My Year of Living Courageously

Jan 22, 2019

Every time we are landing and the pilot says “Crew we are at 10,000 feet, please take your seats”, I look out the window and am amazed by how high up we are.

And then I think about how two years ago, after a lifetime of a serious fear of heights, I jumped out of a plane (with a parachute, of course!) at 15,000 feet.

Even higher than the 10,000 feet we are flying at!

And I’m so seriously proud of myself!

I really annoy my girls because I always say something about it (each and every time) and they roll their eyes.

But it’s true, I am just amazed at myself.

I’m not sure how I got up the nerve to do it but I do know that IT WAS LIFE CHANGING.

I’m no longer scared of heights… well, mostly… 10% is still there.


Right before I skydived, I set an intention that with the jump I was overcoming all of the fear that held me back in my life.


And it worked. I’m pretty much not scared of anything anymore for too long.


I just remind myself that I had the courage to jump out of the plane so I know I must have the courage to make a phone call and offer my services or get up and speak in front of a large crowd or have a difficult conversation that can make or break a relationship.

I was thinking of this as I did my visioning for this year, MY YEAR OF LIVING COURAGEOUSLY.

Here’s what I’m playing with this year:

1. Getting even more honest and real in my relationships and not settling for anything less than authentic, loving, powerful connection.

2. Getting into my healthiest self ever.

3. Asking the Universe each and every day how I can be of service today. So far, the info I have received is: finishing my book, teaching more workshops and classes, collaborating even more with amazing healers from around the world and exploring the idea of opening a retreat center where transformational healers can teach and transform lives and people can gather with likeminded souls.

To play full out, I will need a lot of courage. But I know I can do it. I jumped out of that plane.

What about you? What’s your version of jumping out of the plane? What’s your symbolic act of courage? What do you need to play full out this year?

I would love to hear from you and create more community so leave a comment below or reach out to me by email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!





P.S. You can check out my skydiving video here. It’s pretty hilarious so be prepared to laugh. It certainly helped me learn to laugh at myself.

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