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My Secret to Quickly Relieve Stress

Mar 22, 2022

Feeling stressed and anxious?
I think most of us can relate. After two years of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine has many of us feeling angry, stressed, anxious, scared, frustrated…

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be thinking “Why is this happening here?” or “What will this mean for us?’ or “Why is Ukraine getting so much attention when so many atrocities are happening in other parts of the world?”

As you know, I get it. I’m Ukrainian and these past few weeks have been heart breaking and terrifying for me.
The village where my cousin lives with his son in the family home that was passed down through the generations from my grandparents is occupied by Russian forces. They are short on water and food, but afraid to go out and wind up facing a machine gun. Or a missile.
There are reports of sexual and gender-based violence. This chills me to the bone.
This village is a place in which I spent much of my childhood. On a very basic level, it feels like home. These people are my family and my tribe.
My heart breaks.
And even as it does, I want to honor the privilege that is evident that since Ukraine is located in Europe, the conflict there is getting much more of the world’s attention than the barbaric civil war in Yemen or many other horrendous conflicts around the world.
So… lots of BIG and PAINFUL emotions.
Every day for me has been a roller coaster of emotions.
Curious about what has kept me sane?
Check out this video where I share with you the simple exercise that has relieved my stress, helped me manage my emotions and allowed me to sleep better (most nights).

I hope this video helps you in these trying times.

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Happy Tuesday!




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