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How to Create More Financial Abundance

Apr 23, 2018



A few years ago, I learned that I am an Accumulator, Alchemist, and Connector and this knowledge changed my life.

What on Earth am I talking about?

These are all Sacred Money Archetypes (patterns we use to deal with money) developed by Kendall Summerhawk, a guru for entrepreneurs.

Uncovering my dominant archetypes and learning about the sacred gifts and challenges of each as well as my Sacred Money Destiny was a huge lightbulb moment.

Things I have struggled with for years started to make sense.

I understood why I felt guilty spending money yet didn’t really care that much about money, at the same time. I just wanted there to be enough to do what I wanted to do and have my freedom.

I understood why, even though I consider myself an empowered woman, I sometimes felt the need to hide my spending from my husband.

I understood why I dreaded looking over my credit card bills and bank accounts.

And most importantly, I learned what I could do to change it all around – to learn to love taking care of money so it could grow and learn how to use my natural talents to manifest more abundance in my life.

I have worked on money issues for years. I grew up in an immigrant family where there was never enough money and my parents fought about money all of the time. I studied finance at a top university and worked at the World Bank on huge investment projects, yet never wanted to look at my bank accounts.

I had all kinds of negative beliefs about money: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “You have to works really hard to make money.” “Rich people aren’t good people and only care about money.”

Does that sound familiar?

But here’s what I know – once I uncovered these beliefs and learned to turn them around into empowering ones, everything began to change. I started to attract more and more abundance into my life.

Then I learned my archetypes and my Sacred Money Contract and my manifesting took a quantum leap. I found myself having brilliant ideas which manifested lots of money regularly (a major strength of my Alchemist archetype), creating close relationships that turned into brilliant business partnerships (thank you, Connector!) and taking care of my growing fortune to grow and invest it (I am forever grateful, Accumulator!)

Want to learn about your Sacred Money Archetypes and how to use them to create more abundance in your life and live your sacred Money Destiny?

I have a gift for you! Just for being a member of my tribe, I will give you access to the quiz here and my video workshop How to Uncover Your Money Personality here.

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Happy Tuesday!


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