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What Does Money Have to Do With Passion & Purpose?

Aug 25, 2017


What does money have to do with living your passion and purpose?
For many people, “Everything!’
I have worked with tons of people over the past 16 years and the #1 reason they always give for not living their passion and purpose and frankly, the #1 excuse for not even exploring what that may be is… MONEY!
They don’t have enough or are afraid to leave their steady paycheck (even if they hate their job!) or have no idea how they can pay the bills if they follow their bliss.
I get it. I grew up in an immigrant family where my parents worked 2 jobs and my first mattress was something they found in the garbage. There was never enough money.
My parents scrimped and saved to send me to Wharton, a top business school, where I majored in finance (which I hated) just so I can make lots of… MONEY.
Leaving my cushy job at the World Bank to follow my passion for personal growth was terrifying because I was afraid of giving up the… MONEY.
(Are you cringing every time you read MONEY in capital letters? Why does money make us so uncomfortable?)
But here’s what I learned… when you follow your passion and live your purpose, way opens and you find a way to make money while doing what you love.
Here’s what it takes:
1.    Getting clear on your strengths and weaknesses with money so you can maximize your strengths and turn weaknesses into opportunities.
2.    Uncovering your limiting beliefs about money and transforming these into a positive, abundant mindset.
3.    Taking inspired action to increase the money you’re earning and generating in passive income.
4.    Learning to spend according to your true needs and values.
5.    Learning to invest so that your money works for you by earning you more money.
That’s it. Five steps. They can be challenging yet they will literally transform your life as you start attracting more abundance, earning more and creating financial freedom for yourself.
What about you, how’s your relationship with money? Are you living in abundance and freedom?
I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts below.


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