Money: Manifest Abundance Course®

Welcome to Module 3 of the Money: Manifest Abundance Course®!

You are halfway done with the course! Yay!

Are you getting lots of insights and changing your underlying mindset around money and abundance? I hope so!

I know it may seem tedious at first but it’s so, so important to work with your beliefs so that they empower you and help you get where you want to go – on your way to financial freedom and abundance. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature and you can do it in a matter of minutes in your head without the worksheets!

In this module, you’ll:


Better understand and transform your relationship with money


Shift your Money Story to one that serves you and creates abundance


Learn how to use your Sacred Money Archetypes to align yourself with abundance


Create a plan to take concrete actions to create more abundance in your life

To get the most out of the course, watch the video and download the worksheets when I prompt you to do so. You will be able to fill them in just by downloading them.

Also, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up to the private Facebook group – we are all here waiting to support and encourage you in manifesting the abundance you want in your life!

Enjoy this module!



Video: Module 3