Money: Manifest Abundance Course®

Welcome to the Money: Manifest Abundance Course!

In just 2 hours per week for 4 weeks, this course can change your relationship with money, with other people and with abundance! All you have to do is show up – watch the videos, do the worksheets and the assignments in between modules and watch your life change.

Here’s what we will be covering in this course:


Module 1: Gain in depth understanding of the impacts of the Archetypes on your financial situation, your relationships and your life.


Module 2: Clearly identify what limits your abundance, uncover limiting beliefs and learn to transform them into empowering ones that help you reach your goals.


Module 3: Shift your relationship with money and rewrite your Money Story to create more abundance in your life.


Module 4: Create a plan with concrete actions steps to create a brighter future for yourself and learn tools to stay on track.

Of course, you can do this course at your own pace. However, for maximum results, I recommend that you do one module per week. This will give you enough time to watch the videos, do the worksheets and integrate the learning into your life. Plan to spend about two hours per week on the course – one hour to watch the video and another to do the worksheets.

Also, if you haven’t already taken the Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz and watched the Uncover Your Money Personality & Manifest Abundance Webinar, DO SO NOW! I have included it as part of the course because it’s essential to know your Sacred Money Archetypes before you dive in.

And don’t forget to sign up to the private Facebook group – we are all here waiting to support and encourage you!



P.S. I just want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Much of the contents of this course is based on Kendall Summerhawk’s work with Sacred Money Archetypes. This work is copyrighted and I am licensed to deliver it. I have also added slot of my own work, especially around transforming mindset and beliefs, creating an action plan and staying motivated an on track.