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Miracles Do Happen

Jul 24, 2018


Dreams do come true and miracles do happen.

I spent many years hoping my husband would join me in my passion for personal growth.

Then a gave up.

I just surrendered to things being as they are and decided to focus on my own happiness.

And as always, once I gave up attachment to having things my way and basically stopped nagging or cajoling him into it, something completely miraculous happened… my husband got interested in personal growth.

We started taking online personal development courses together. He then accompanied me to my meditation group.

My jaw nearly dropped open when he wanted to join me at Afest, a 4-day personal growth conference in Jamaica last year. We had an amazing time!

And the final cherry on my sundae… we just spent 2 weeks together with our girls at Mindvalley U in Tallinn, Estonia meeting inspiring people from all over the world, learning cutting edge tools to be better parents, partners and way more effective in my business and my husband’s job, and wandering around this magical and gorgeous medieval town.

We all had an amazing time and learned so much (and I will be sharing all the tips I got for happier, healthier more effective living in the weeks to come).

We made friendships with people from all over the world.

Best of all, my husband and I clarified about our values, shared our hopes and dreams, created a vision for our family and giggled like teenagers as we walked hand-in-hand down ancient stone lanes.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be sharing this important part of my life with him.

And I also realize in hindsight that it couldn’t have happened any other way for us.

While a shared interest in living consciously brought us together in out 20’s, we each had our own life path to follow. As I was focused on mothering and building my personal growth business in my 30’s, he was busy being a great dad, building his career and growing in the ways that he needed to grow.

My urging (nagging) him to grow in MY way only pushed him further away.

Finally, in my 40’s, I realized what a waste of energy it is to try to change somebody else and I started focusing on myself. I truly let go.

As I started using all my energy for my own happiness and growth regardless of how my husband wanted to live his life, he finally had the space to decide for himself what he wanted.

It turned out that he was really interested in personal growth also… just in his own way and on his own schedule.

Major lesson here: we each have our path in life and the more we focus on OUR journey and creating the lives we want, the more we free others to be who they need to be and follow their path. Love and trust grows and flourishes in this freedom.

So what about you? Where have you been pushing things to have them turn out your way? Where can you ease up and let go?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to hit reply and get in touch.

Happy Tuesday!



P.S. One of my BIG dreams is to connect with my tribe face-to-face and to build a strong global community of women committed to living their best, most authentic lives. I’m heading to Australia for a month in December/January and would love to meet my Australian sisters! I envision a sister circle where we explore living authentically, with passion and purpose. Let me know if you’re in Australia and want to meet up. 

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