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Law of Attraction Not Working for You? (How to change that to attract all that you desire!)

Jan 20, 2023

I hear from so many people who are disillusioned with the Law of Attraction.
They tell me that they know what they want and they visualize but nothing happens.
They wonder why the Law of Attraction works for others but not for them.
They tell me that they just don’t believe in it anymore. Sometimes, they have even given up on trying to make their lives better.

Here’s what I tell them…

But first, what’s the Law of Attraction?
Simply put, the Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that like attracts like. Positive thoughts, feelings, actions and people attract more positive thoughts, feelings, actions and people. Conversely, negative thoughts, feeling actions and people attract negative thoughts, feelings, actions and people.
So according to the Law of Attraction, in order to attract what you want in your life – a happy relationship, meaningful work, financial abundance, health, etc.- you need to follow this process:

1. Get clear and specific on what you desire.

This may seem simple but many people have vague ideas of what they want. They say “I want enough money to not worry about money” (I hear this one all the time!) and what the Law of Attraction needs to work is specificity: I want to be debt free with an annual income of $XXXX, passive income of $XXXX, a retirement account with $XXXXX in it and a savings account of $XXXX.

2. Visualize having what you want while having the feelings of it already happening.

How would you feel if you had the financial abundance you want? Now feel those feelings as you visualize seeing your salary check for $XXXXX or you depositing $XXXX in the bank.

3. Live as though you already have what you want.

If you want to feel wealthy, start living like you’re wealthy. How would you dress if you were a wealthy person? What would your home look like? How would you spend your time? How would you behave? How would you carry yourself?

I’m not suggesting here that you go out and charge a fancy car on your credit card (but perhaps I’m too cautious even after all these years of working with the Law of Attraction).

I’m saying, however, that you can start making your home look the way you want it to look (one gorgeous painting or vase or painting the walls a color you like), dressing the way you want to dress (there are plenty of second hand stores with reasonably priced designer clothing), doing what you love to do with your time (and not waiting until you have the money), treating yourself like a woman worthy of the finer things in life, etc.

4. Be open to receiving what you want.

This step requires doing the inner work to feel worthy of having what you want as well as transforming any beliefs you may have that keep you from receiving. For example, if you believe “I have to work really hard to make any money”, you will only get money by working really hard. As you transform your belief to “Money comes to me from unexpected sources”, you will find yourself getting a gift you didn’t expect or a job offer you weren’t counting on.

This is often the most important step for many people and the biggest impediment to attracting what you want. Doing the mindset work is indispensable!

5. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude for everything positive that happens in your life will not only make you feel great but it will also attract more of what you’re grateful for to you. Gratitude is a high frequency emotion and like attracts like. So if you want to attract more financial abundance, take a moment to feel grateful when you receive a paycheck or payment for your services (instead of thinking how small the amount is!) or even when you find some loose change unexpectedly.

6. Manifest what your heart desires.

In theory, by doing all of the above, you should manifest all that your heart desires. But as I often hear from people (and have experienced in my own life), it often doesn’t work.
Why’s that?
I think there are often a few reasons for why we aren’t manifesting what we want.

a. We don’t really believe that we can have what we want or that we are worthy of it.

We may do some mindset work but deep inside, we don’t really believe that we can have what we want. The Universe always picks up on the energetic vibrations of these beliefs, mirrors back to us that we aren’t worthy and does not give us what we want. Remember, like attracts like!


Do whatever it takes to shift your mindset so you believe that you are worthy of having whatever you desire. As you do this, not only will you start attracting what you desire but you will fall in love with yourself. And that’s even better than having whatever you desire!

b. We are impatient and want what we want right now.

If we don’t attract what we want quickly, we give up and stop doing our practices.


Cultivate patience and keep doing the work. Keep visualizing and doing the aforementioned steps. Remember that it sometimes takes time for us to grow into the version of ourselves that’s ready to receive what we desire. Or sometimes there are other things we need to experience first before we are ready to have what we want. The Universe usually knows the best timing even better than we do.

c. We don’t take the necessary action to attract what we want.

This, I believe, is one of the biggest reasons we don’t get what we want. And certainly not on our timing. Somehow, many people believe that if they follow the 6 steps above, whatever they want will just land in their laps. Poof! As if by magic.

Sometimes things do land in our laps. However, I have found that most often what we attract is not that which we want but the OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE WHAT WE WANT.

We don’t get the money in our bank account, we do however attract the business idea or the idea of how to make passive income or a great investment tip or a person who we are meant to partner with to create more wealth or who will tell us about a course we need to take to learn how to create more wealth. Get the idea?


Be on the lookout for the opportunities and synchronicities that are coming your way and ACT ON THEM! As you do the steps to attract what you want, the Universe is always responding and sending you what you need. Often however it’s not in ready-made form. You have to do your part! Take initiative. Take action!

And by the way, if you’re wondering how I’m qualified to opine on the Law of Attraction, I will tell you this: when I started studying it about 15 years ago, I was:


Anxious and often depressed.

Not that happy in my marriage.
Worried about money.
Not happy with where I was living.
Not enjoying our lifestyle.
Hating being a short-order cook for the family.

Over the years of actively working with the Law of Attraction (and taking lots of inspired action as the synchronicities and ideas showed up), I manifested:


A happy family life.

A loving marriage.
Close relationships with my girls.
Deeply meaningful work.
A healthy body.
A mostly anxiety free mind (and haven’t felt depressed in about a decade!)
Financial abundance.
Travel and adventure.
Even somebody to cook for us.

It took perseverance, determination and lots of inner work but it was completely worth it!

And I have taught thousands of people over the years how to do the same.

So take what I say to heart and happy attracting.

Happy Tuesday!




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