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Join Me in My Happiness Experiment

Feb 5, 2019


During the school years, I have the pleasure of living in one of the world’s happiest countries, Colombia.

Yep, you read that right… Colombia, despite its history of violence, is regularly named the happiest or one of the happiest countries in the world by various survey organizations that poll people around the world to gauge the level of positive emotions that they feel on a daily basis.

This is actually astounding when you consider the fact that Colombians live with corruption, extreme income inequality and poverty and ongoing violence. A bomb just exploded here in Bogota 2 weeks ago, killing over 20 people and injuring countless others.

So why are people here so happy?

There are of course many reasons such as close family and community connections and strong religious faith. However, I firmly believe that Colombians are happy because they value being happy and make it a priority to be happy.

I was really struck by this realization this morning during a parents’ meeting at my middle daughter’s new school.

When all the parents were asked what their biggest hopes and dreams were for their kids when they graduated from the school, every single parent in the room (other than me) said, “To be happy” first and foremost.

I was struck that my answer sounded more like, “To have created close connections. To feel good about herself and know herself, her strengths and gifts and have the courage to follow her heart and her passions.”

All good things but somehow it never occurred to me to include happiness. And of course, I want her to be happy. I just didn’t focus on it.

So, it got me thinking, how would my life change if I actually focused on being happy?

If I woke up each day setting the intention to be happy? To make it a priority to be happy? To make choices that would lead to my happiness? To truly choose happiness?

I have no idea.

But I am going to conduct a month-long experiment to choose happiness each and every day and moment-by-moment.

I’m really curious how choosing happiness will change my life.

I promise to report back to you within a month.

And I would love it if you would join me in the experiment! Want to join me in focusing on being happy and making choices that will lead to your happiness?

I would love for you to do it alongside me and we can compare notes at the end of the month.

Happy Tuesday!





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