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I’ve Been Feeling Optimistic Lately

Apr 7, 2020


This may sound crazy but I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic lately and even kind of excited.

I see the future as a somewhat blank canvas. Humanity has never been through a pandemic like this before. We are changing how we do everything – work, play, connect and live. Chances are we will never be the same again, as individuals or as a society.
Don’t get me wrong. I know that this time isn’t easy for many people. Many of us are struggling with financial worries, health concerns and are losing it being locked inside our homes deprived of our usual routines.
We may be feeling anxious and fearful or just plain antsy.
I was REALLY ANXIOUS until I used the techniques I learned over the years to come back to a place of faith and trust and really got that this is also a time of huge opportunity.

The opportunity to reinvent myself and my life yet again.


The opportunity to strip away the stuff that keeps me busy but ultimately doesn’t matter.


The opportunity to become even closer to my family.


The opportunity to connect to friends around the world.


The opportunity to explore my creativity.


The opportunity to serve and help others.


The opportunity to grow in my trust, faith and consciousness.

It’s this last opportunity that has me most excited as I see the possibility of living in faith and trust as the unknown future unfolds.
I realize that I used to live with a false sense of control. I believed that I could see my future and thus could influence it and manipulate it to my liking. I used my spiritual tools to create what I wanted in my life and truth to tell, I was pretty good at it. I really loved my life!
What I’m realizing now is that it was all an illusion. Everything can change in an instant as we are plunged into an unknown that we can’t even imagine. Who knows what life will look like a year from now? Or six months from now? Or even a month from now?
All we can do, all I can do, is use my spiritual tools to cultivate my sense of inner peace so that I can feel trust in the Universe and in the goodness of life.
I remember my transcendental experience of truly FEELING the perfection in the imperfection of our human existence and I cultivate that feeling in my everyday life.

I look up at the sky and relish its expansiveness.

I see the trees and flowers and appreciate their beauty.

I smile at the sunshine and feel awe at the sunset.

I feel my body and appreciate how well it still works and moves.

I revel in the hugs from my youngest or good conversations with my teenagers.

I enjoy cuddling with my husband.

I find peace in that still, quiet space deep inside of me.

I stay in gratitude for the bounty of my life and for all the small moments of grace and flow.

And I feel my sense of abundance and possibility grow.

What about you? Where do you see the opportunity for yourself in this time?

I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below.


Happy Tuesday!




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