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I’m more excited about life than I have been in years!

Mar 23, 2021

I have a new spring in my step this week. Even more energy and zest. I’m more hopeful than ever for a better, brighter future.
I’m rejuvenated and more excited about life than I have been in years.
And it was so simple to create.

I created it simply by listening to that quiet, still voice within.

You know, the one we often ignore… until we learn the power of the truth that the voice within holds.
It’s taken me years to learn to trust my inner guidance.
And now I can’t imagine living without it.
I’ve been coaching people on how to uncover their passion and purpose for nearly two decades. Yet a couple of years ago, I stopped taking on individual clients to focus on my online courses and on putting together big annual summits. I wanted to help more people. Plus my family and my own self-care kept me plenty busy. I was feeling really fulfilled.

Yet, when I sat in meditation a couple of weeks ago, I had a download: I need to work with individual clients again.

I felt an almost overpowering craving to connect deeply to women who are on the path of growing, learning and stretching to create the lives they dream about.
“What are you thinking? You’re already so busy!!!” said my mind. “You’ve got a great schedule. Self-care until 10 am. You work six hours a day. You have time to hang out with your family in the afternoons and evenings. Why do you want to mess with it?”
“Because I miss connecting with women in that deep way. Because I miss serving women in a way that only one-on-one work can.”
“And what about your time? Your other priorities? Something tells me you won’t stop your courses and you’re already committed to doing the Ageless Woman Summit this year. Plus, you’re writing a book! You have to show up with 1,600 words to your writing group every Thursday,” said my mind.
“You better believe it! I’m not giving up any of it!” said my heart as I felt the familiar pressure on my chest, which I recognize as anxiety. I have a tendency to take on too much and then suffer the consequences. I’ve finally found that elusive balance. Why did I want to mess with it?
I took a few slow deep breaths. I made sure to exhale slower than I was inhaling to calm down my nervous system.
Then I did a visualization that I knew would help.
I imagined my mind traveling down to my heart.
My mind looked at my heart and stood side-by-side with it.
My heart smiled at my mind and my mind smiled back.
My mind and my heart breathed together in unison.
My mind on board to help my heart fulfill its desires.
“I love all that I do,” said my heart. “I’m living my purpose. I love teaching my courses. I love interviewing amazing experts about ageless living. I love that I’ll get to help tens of thousands of women with this priceless information. I love writing my book. And my family time and self-care are non-negotiable.”
I took another deep, slow breath.
“Well, let’s look at your schedule,” said my mind as I opened up my calendar. “You spend several hours each day on administrative tasks. Answering emails, scheduling interviews for the summit, setting up web pages, things that you can ask someone else to do.”
“Well, it’s you, mind, that likes to be involved in everything. I’m happy to let all that stuff go and connect with amazing women instead.”
I felt my body relax. I exhaled.
I imagined my mind and heart saying goodbye to each other. (Yes! I really did this!)
I imagined my mind traveling back up to my head.
I knew that what I discovered in my visualization was true. I tend to want to control things. To do them myself instead of delegating to my team. Plus, I enjoy answering my emails myself. It’s a way to connect with my community.
I realized that I needed to let go at an even bigger level. I already have my team doing most of the IT and administrative stuff but it’s time to let go of more.
And I did!

By letting go, I opened up the space to listen to my heart.

I sent out an email to my community about opening up space for individual 3-month coaching packages and the response was astounding!
Amazing, powerful women reached out.
Women who want to uncover their passion and purpose.
Women who already know what their passion projects are and want to get them off the ground.
Women who are sick of the pandemic dictating their lives and want to create lives on their own terms, regarding of circumstances.
Women who want to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits.
Women who want fulfilling relationships.
It has been so wonderful to connect with such amazing, powerful, intuitive women! To begin accompanying them on their journey to fulfillment and inner peace. To manifesting their dreams!.
My heart is singing.
I’m feeling grateful, humbled and fulfilled like I haven’t in years.
All because I’ve learned to listen to my inner guidance.
And because I have the tool to have my heart and mind work together – the visualization I’ve shared with you in the hopes that it can help you too.

Try out the visualization. When you’re confused about something in your life. When you’re torn as to what to do. Imagine your mind going down to your heart. Let them guide you, together.

And of course, let me know how it goes. I love connecting with you! Leave a comment below or send me an email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!




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