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How to Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Sep 18, 2017


Do you know how to turn your passion and purpose into reality?

​​How to take a big idea or vision and break it down into doable steps?

​​Well… I got you covered…

​​This week, I was interviewed on the Plan Simple Meals Podcast where my dear friend Mia Moran and I talked about:

​• living with purpose and passion being an attitude not a goal
​• the power of passion to drive a project, even a really hard one
​• pairing meditation and visioning with breaking things down into lists and schedules
​• using meditation to be more productive
​• having a plan but keeping it flexible to meet changes in your week or life
​• finding your passion and making changes little by little toward it

​​Check it out and let me know what you think bellow.

​​What’s one change you can make to turn your passion and purpose into reality?


​​P.S. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be teaming up with another dear friend and accomplished writer, teacher and mindful writing coach, Nadia Colburn to talk about how to align your story so that you can come into your creative center and live with passion and purpose. It’s going to be lots of fun with plenty to chew on and time for interaction and Q & A… more details coming soon!!

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