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How to Make 2024 the Best Year of Your Life!

Jan 2, 2023

I love new beginnings! The chance to start fresh and to reinvent myself and my life. And what better time to do that than the new year.

2022 was challenging for me and I was pretty ready to let it go.

At the same time, I was just blown away by my growth and learning… and the possibilities that are available to me in my sage years.

Here we are in January 2023 and I want to be intentional about what I call in for the new year.

I’m guessing you do too! I made this video for you so that, together, we can be intentional about creating 2023 and making it our best year yet!

Every New Year’s, my family and I fill out my “Make Your Best Year Yet” worksheet so we can get clear on what would make that year, the best year yet.

I did it for 2023 and realized that I want to:

Be love! Plug into the matrix of Divine Love every day and be open to signs of love all around me!
Get even healthier by committing to do HIIT and strength training daily
Further strengthen my relationships by practicing listening more, getting curious and offering less advice
Tap into my sensual inner goddess and learn more about Tantra
Be of service to more people and learn more myself about ageless living through my annual summits
Keep working on my book and grow as a writer
Laugh more, have more fun, savor the everyday and be in gratitude as much as possible

I declare this year to be my year of being love!

What would make 2023 your best year yet?

To help you get clear on that, I invite you to take 20 minutes to fill out my “Make Your Best Year Yet” worksheet.

If you want 2023 to be your best year yet, you need to be intentional about it.

Do the worksheet.

Write post-its to remind you what you want to create in your life this year.

Learn to receive.

What do you want this year to be about for you?

Happy 2023!



P.S. What if 2023 could be the best year of your life?

You’ve wanted to live a passionate life for years. You’ve wanted to find your purpose. You’ve wanted to create an extraordinary life.

Yet you’ve watched the years go by with nothing really changing.

So here’s how I see it – you can sit around worrying about your present circumstances or an uncertain future or you can take charge of your life and make 2023 the year that you finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of (Yes! Even in these challenging times!)

To help you do that and as a thank you for being in my tribe, I want to give you a special gift – an invitation to my encore absolutely FREE Masterclass:The Ultimate Life Makeover!

In this masterclass, you’ll:

✓  Why most people are not living the life they want and what you can do to change that!

✓  5 key habits you must cultivate if you want to live your ultimate life (missing any one of these will not give you the life you want!)

✓ My simple yet super effective 7- step process to uncover your passion & purpose and create your ultimate life

✓ How you are sabotaging yourself from living your ultimate life and how to stop it right now!



If you join us for the live class, you will be able to ask me questions and get answers or on-the-spot coaching right then and there.

But even if you can’t join the class live, you will still get the link to the video recording and benefit from my tools and strategies to live your passion & purpose in 2023!

Let’s make this the year that you start creating your ultimate life!

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