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How to Get Your Hormones (And Life) Back on Track

Aug 11, 2020

My hormones have been out of whack! No wonder my boobs hurt, I’ve gained fifteen or twenty pounds in the past month and don’t even get me started on my moods.

I was blaming it all on the pandemic.

I must be eating more without realizing it.

I’m just anxious and worried at times. Who wouldn’t be right now?

I’ve been telling myself this for the past month.

Until I got my lab results back and found out that my estrogen is fifteen times bigger than it’s supposed to be and my progesterone is one-tenth of what it optimally should be:

Oops! Now I know why I’ve been feeling kind of crappy.

And I guess I need to go apologize to the family once again for losing it a few times.

Hormones are such a big issue for most women!

Luckily this time I knew what to do…

I first started feeling “different” in my body at thirty-six. Something just felt “off”. But I didn’t think much about it. I had two young children and would go on to have my third at thirty-nine. During a decade of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing, something often felt “off” in my body.

By my early forties, I found myself experiencing more severe PMS, mood fluctuations, aches and pains, weight gain and questioning my life. My contribution to society, relationships and lifestyle went under the microscope and often came up short.

I made some much-needed changes. I:

Searched for answers to balance my hormones and feel better

Moved my family of five to a small town in the Colombian Andes, where we could enjoy great weather, adventure and a slower pace of life

Created a lifestyle where we traveled four months out of the year, relishing sacred ceremonies with shamans in the Ecuadorian jungle, hiking in pristine Brazilian rain forests and observing animals in the African plains

Renegotiated and reconstructed my closest relationships so they were more fulfilling, loving and supportive

Started connecting with and serving more people through blogging and leading online courses

Became even more serious about my spiritual life, meditating daily for up to two hours and going on retreats

Life became pretty darn awesome! I was joyful, fulfilled and really happy.

Just when I thought I finally figured out the secrets to happiness, the rug was pulled out from under me.

Sometime in my mid-forties, I started waking up sweating. At first it wasn’t too disruptive but within a year, I was waking up seven times a night. Yikes! Throwing off the covers and stripping down only to fall asleep and be woken up again because I was freezing cold…. only to wake up sweating again an hour later… this went on and on… ALL NIGHT LONG.

I was exhausted and miserable.

And moody!

My libido plummeted.

My hair started thinning. I’m a bit vain so I freaked out.

I started gaining weight around the middle again.

The tools I had to deal with this were failing and I started searching for more answers.

If you’ve been part of this community for a while, you know that my search led me to balancing my hormones and to realizing that my passion and purpose became to share the great info I was learning with as many women as possible.

To help share the wisdom, I interviewed world-renowned experts in the fields of hormones, health, relationships, purpose, sex self-actualization, money, success and it eventually became the 2019 Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit.

So many of you loved it last year and sent me such great feedback:

“Wow! Talk about inspiring – this summit was amazing! So many exceptional and intelligent women leading the world in their areas of expertise. So much information and generous insights into living your life to the fullest. Thank you so much Natalie for hosting this incredible movement – loved it!!” – Donna.

This is a wonderful summit and I highly recommend it for all women, starting in their 30’s. As someone who was ill prepared for life in and after 40 (I’m 46), this has been a Godsend. One of the speakers said as women we need to support one another and be allies instead of competitors. This summit is life giving and I believe quite literally life saving for many women struggling needlessly during the latter half of life. Thank you, Natalie!” – Susan Kaiser.

I was so touched and inspired that I’m interviewing even more experts for you this year for the FREE 2020 Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit which will launch next month. I’ll send you more info as we get closer to the date.

And as always, when we follow our passion and purpose, it’s a gift to the world and it’s a gift to ourselves!

As I’ve interviewed nearly 50 (!!!!) world-renowned experts over the past four months, I have reconnected on a daily basis to hope, possibility and wisdom.

I’ve also learned so many new tools and techniques to:


Balance my hormones


Thrive in captivity with my loved ones


Manifest anything I want even easier (including a private jet at no cost to us to take us back to Colombia but more on that later)


Optimize my health


Connect with my inner sensual goddess


Keep making the impact I want to make in the world while enjoying financial abundance


Feel deep inner peace no matter what’s happening in the world

So when I found myself with crazy hormone results last week, I knew exactly what to do and who to reach out to for help.

Within a week, I’m back to feeling good, positive and energetic.

Best of all, my family likes being around me again and I LOVE being around them.

I’m so excited about all this great info and wisdom that I can’t wait to share it with you! I will send you more info in the coming weeks so you too can connect world-renowned experts to balance your hormones and uplevel every area of your life. Yep, even in these challenging times!

You know I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below or email me at natalie@nataliematushenko.com I would love to know how your life is changing!

Happy Tuesday!




P.S. I’ve received such amazing feedback about my Wisdom Wednesday series!

These are FREE 5 – 10 minute short, actionable videos recorded with me FOR YOU by world-renowned experts to help you thrive in these challenging times.

This week, I’m interviewing TWO amazing women:

Dr. Tracy Thomas – “Dr. T” is the world’s first Emotional Scientist, an award-winning Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Interventionist who’s helped countless highly-driven, Emotionally Sensitive People harness their emotions, develop emotional strength, and live an elevated life. Published in hundreds of media platforms like SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF, and Redbook, she is the best-selling author of, The Total Life Reset Manual©, and The Method, The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential.

Angela Foster – Angela is a leading female biohacker, certified health, and performance coach. She uses a combination of modern science such as DNA analysis with time-honored holistic practices to transform her clients’ health, energy, and performance. Angela also hosts the High-Performance Health Podcast; the show where she talks about everything you need to break through limits and achieve a high-performance mind, body, and lifestyle.

Angela and Dr. Tracy will share with you how to thrive in these challenging times!

You can watch these short, actionable videos for FREE on my Extraordinary Life After 40 private Facebook group page or you can sign up here to watch it on my website.

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