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How I Got My Groove Back

Oct 26, 2021

Five years ago, I found myself feeling like my life was falling apart. Despite working in the wellness field for nearly two decades, my body was breaking down and I wasn’t content with my career, my relationships. I was not content with pretty much anything.
The worst part was how “blah” I felt.
I’m a passionate person. I get into things. I am adventurous. I love to explore. I LOVE new experiences.
And there I was, feeling excitement and passion for absolutely nothing.
I was starting to think that the best was behind me.
That life would be a slow, steady decline towards death.
I know it may sound melodramatic… but this is seriously how I felt.
I hated it…

I hated how moody and anxious I was!

How my body seemed to be betraying me with strange ailments, aches and pains.
Not to mention my night sweats, thinning hair, extra weight around the middle and absolutely nonexistent libido.

Life just wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t recognize myself.

And I knew that if I was lucky, I could still have 40, 50 years of life ahead of me!

This just wouldn’t do.

So I decided to search for answers.

I found and interviewed the biggest experts in the world.

And what I learned from them helped me get my life and my mojo back.

I balanced my hormones and started to feel like myself again.

I healed my body and started to feel energetic and pain-free!
I found a purpose that fit this new stage of my life and began to feel a great sense of meaning in my life again.
I renegotiated my marriage so it became fulfilling (and fun and sexy!) again.
My passion towards life and sense of adventure returned.
I started to look forward to the second half of my life!

I got my groove back!

I made this video for you so you too can get your groove back. In it, I share with you my step-by-step process to how I did it.

It’s not too late… you can still join us… head to agelesswomansummit.com to register for my FREE summit. 50 world-renowned experts will help you learn the secrets to look and feel your best, balance your hormones and thrive in every area of your life!

I love connecting with you! Leave a comment below or send me an email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!




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