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How I Created Community During the Pandemic

Feb 2, 2021

Just like for many people, one of the hardest parts of the past year for me has been the need to social distance. It’s actually been the most difficult part of a challenging year.
I love people! And I pretty much need to see people on a daily basis.
A huge gift of the past year has been having my husband and girls home with me every day. That’s been wonderful! (When I focus on “what’s the gift in everything?” rather than on my girls’ need for socialization).
And it’s also not enough.

I’m an extroverted people person. I need to be with people outside of my family. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, clients… real life people to talk to, laugh with, hug, cry with, do things with.

Another gift for me of this crazy past was being stuck unexpectedly in Florida for six-months. It really gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate our life in Colombia. To ask myself:
What’s working for me? For us, as a family? For my husband and I, as a couple?
What’s not working?
What would make our life in Colombia a “10”?
There’s nothing like distance to help me get perspective.
What I came to realize is that our life in Colombia is pretty wonderful, more than I realized. All that’s really missing for me is community. And this is no small thing, given who I am!
Even before this pandemic changed our lives, the hardest part of living in Colombia for me was feeling a lack of a like-minded community. I made a friend who is like a sister to me and a few other close friends, but it was challenging to find a consciousness-seeking group of people who I really connected with on a deep level yet had enough in common with to spend time with on an everyday basis. People here are very warm and friendly, yet everyone seems to have friends that go back to elementary school. And they spend time with their extended families, EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. As a foreigner, it can be very difficult to create community when everybody already has theirs.
Another huge gift of these six months in Florida is that I had to rely on every tool in my toolbox to stay centered, grounded, positive, and hopeful.
I was living in a small Airbnb house with two cranky teenagers, a bored nine-year old and an anxious husband. Not knowing when we would be able to go back. Concerned about our pets, two horses and two cats, left back in Colombia. The teens worried about being able to go back to school and seeing friends. All of us worried about the great unknown – what’s life going to be like? Will it ever get back to normal? What’s normal anyway?

But here’s the great news – the tools I’ve amassed doing personal transformation work over the past 30 years really worked!

I was able to feel positive and hopeful and, most days, stay in gratitude for whatever was happening in our lives.
I had the opportunity to practice my 5 Keys to Creating an Extraordinary Life:
Have an attitude of gratitude
Focus your attention on what you want (not what you don’t want)
Open up to abundance
Use everything for your growth & benefit
Trust the timing/Enjoy the journey
It wasn’t always easy. I stumbled. I had moments of worry and anxiety rather than gratitude. I had many moments of focusing my attention on what my mind feared may happen rather than on what I wanted to create.
But I kept practicing!
My oldest daughter was able to go to boarding school in Armenia and we were able to manifest a free private jet back to Colombia as soon as the country came out of quarantine. It was magic!
But best of all, I came back to Colombia, only to fall in love with it again. I felt so grateful:
To be home
To be with our pets
To be able to spend time in every shade of green imaginable. Colombia is blessed with gorgeous nature!

And I was able to create a wonderful, inspiring, consciousness-seeking, fun community for myself and my family! During the pandemic! Who would have thought?

Here’s how it happened. As I was walking down the street in Bogota one day, I ran into somebody I had been on meditation retreats with over the years. We chatted for a bit and enjoyed reconnecting.
A few weeks later, he texted me to invite my family and I to join his family and some friends at a beautiful retreat center outside of the city.
Desperate for my youngest to be able to spend some time with friends (Who am I kidding? I too was desperate for social interaction!), I quickly accepted. We had all been locked up inside our apartments for months so I felt pretty certain that we could stay safe and connect while staying six feet apart from each other.
The four-days at the retreat center were so wonderful that we extended our stay to a week. The group of families that gathered got along beautifully. The multi-age gaggle of children ran around the huge farm barefoot, playing games and just being kids. The adults meditated, did yoga, went on hikes, worked in the garden, played board games and had meaningful conversations for hours.
It was heaven!
Casa Sumapaz became our refuge in times of need. During the past four months, we have been going back to the city to work, locked up in our apartments, and returning over and over again to this beautiful sanctuary where we enjoy the gift of community and heart-to-heart connection, even in these challenging times.

Once I learned to incorporate my 5 keys to Creating an Extraordinary Life fully into my consciousness and daily habits, I was finally ready to receive the gift of community. And there it was, as if by magic!

It never fails to amaze me. I do the inner work and whatever I want materialized in my life. Usually in the simplest of ways – a coincidence.
It’s really that simple.
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I hope to see you there!

Happy Tuesday!




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