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How Elizabeth Gilbert Changed What I Do When I Get Stuck

May 25, 2017


Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a creative or an entrepreneur (and I think all entrepreneurs are creatives!), you have probably felt majorly stuck at some point in your process.

​​The article, book or blog post that you can’t seem to get inspired for or the business idea that just doesn’t fully gel.

What to do?

I strongly recommend you watch this 19 min TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert to:

– Help you understand that you are not fully responsible for your genius or your failures​​;
– Create a more positive helpful framework for the creative process, especially when you get stuck;
– And what to do when you are stuck. (You will chuckle at her inspired idea!)

I loved this TED talk because it helped me see my and my clients’ creative process in a whole new light.

Enjoy and check out my blog to ​​​​​share your thoughts. What do you do when you are stuck in the creative process?



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