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Hilarious Video of Me Skydiving and What That Has To Do With Life

Jun 13, 2017

I’m terrified of heights. I step on the 4th rung of a ladder and start to feel queasy.
And yet on a family trip to New Zealand in December, I crossed a major item off my bucket list: I JUMPED OUT OF A PERFECTLY GOOD PLANE AT 15,000 FEET!!!
My husband and three daughters were at the landing site waiting anxiously.
My 14-year old desperately wanted to join me while my 6-year old didn’t want me to do it.
I REALLY wanted to face my fear of heights and… my fear of living fully.
How do the two relate?
Well, in my experience, living fully, living my passion and purpose, takes lots of courage.

There are many risks and I get scared.
There are many critics, many people urging me to play it safe, to not speak up, to be polite and conform.
What kind of mother jumps out of a plane if it scares her youngest?
The kind that wants her girls to know that they can follow their passions and live their dreams, no matter what anybody else says. (Plus, my 6-year old was so excited to see me come down in that big parachute!)
To live with passion & purpose means constantly paying attention to my inner guidance system, the one that lets me know if I get off track and do what I really don’t want to do just to fit in.
The one that reminds me that I was put on this Earth TO BE AUTHENTICALY ME and to express myself fully and to use my gifts and talents to be of service to the world.
It requires me to constantly pay attention and have the courage to act, trusting that what lies on the other side is a truer, more authentic version of my life.

So yes, I was terrified when that plane door opened. And I have been really, really scared in real life at times.

But I can tell you 100% for sure that it has all been worth it!

I can’t even imagine the life I would have had if I didn’t have the courage to leave the safety of the hoity-toity job I hated, the relationships that sucked me dry, the ways society told me to behave.

I DID IT ON MY OWN TERMS, creating an extraordinarily fulfilling and adventurous life in the process.

And it was completely worth all the fear, doubt and uncertainty!
So what about you? Are you ready to step up and live fully? To use your many gifts and talents to make a big impact in the world?
It’s TOMORROW so don’t delay.  YOUR LIFE IS WAITING!

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And as promised here’s the link to my skydiving video. My friends and family were cracking up when they saw it! The way my face contorts in freefall (think Jim Carrey in The Mask)… well, let’s just say, I really had to get over my vanity to make this public.

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