§ We came to this world to LIVE OUT LOUD.

Grow Your Business As You Grow Your Life

Feb 1, 2018


Do you want to have a great life as you grow your business?

I know I do. I love what I do – helping smart, soulful, go-getters figure out what they were put on this earth to do and start doing it – AND I also love spending time with my family, taking care of myself and having adventures.

In fact,  as you may know, I just got back from a month-long trip to Sri Lanka with my family. We hiked, took care of elephants, checked out ancient towns and beaches while my business hummed along and I continued to be of service to you.

It may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect life but it’s my idea of bliss. Especially as my kids get older and I become more and more aware of how precious the time I am spending with them is, I try to treasure every moment.

There were so many moments on this past trip that I just felt overcome with gratitude for the life that I have created and for the fact that I can enjoy all these adventures around the world with those I love while my business thrives and we experience financial abundance.

This is why I’m so happy to bring you this week’s straight-talking unedited conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Making a Difference with Allison Hardy, a business strategist who helps women raise their businesses while they raise their families.

She believes in sharing your story authentically via social media to make you a client magnet, introducing automation to your businesses, and the power of live video to connect with you with your ideal clients.

And so do I! While I love connecting to my clients in real time, automation allows me to take time off every couple of months and have amazing adventures with my family.

In our conversation, Allison shares how a devastating professional setback led to her finding her purpose (and success in less than two years!), but only after she hit rock bottom and had just $15 in her bank account that was supposed to last her family for the rest of the month. 

You can sign up to watch or listen to the interview here.

Happy Tuesday!



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