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How to Get Back to Positivity No Matter What

Jan 19, 2021

These past couple of weeks have been intense! I’ve found myself on an emotional roller coaster as I navigated the global, the political and the personal.
On January 6th, my heart broke as I watched the United States come undone. I was shocked at the things that some people, whom I thought I knew and trusted, posted on social media.
The healer I’ve been working with for the past six months posted stuff I can’t even wrap my head around! I knew we had different political views, but what she wrote speaks to our different values in such a profound way that I can’t imagine working with her anymore.
Add to that my parents, with whom I can’t even have a civil conversation about what’s going on right now, because our political views and in many ways, our deepest beliefs about the world, are on opposite ends of the spectrum.
It’s been painful.
It’s also been very difficult to send my 18-year-old daughter back to Armenia to finish up her senior year of high school.
I’m so proud of her for being able to independently navigate a 40-hour journey during a pandemic. And I’m thrilled that she can spend this last semester, surrounded by over 200 kids her age from all over the world. Going to school in person is such a gift these days!
And yet, my heart breaks to have her so far way. It was so wonderful to spend a few weeks with her and the rest of our close, nuclear family over the holidays. I have to confess that I wanted to stay in our family cocoon indefinitely.
Little did I know when I raised my girls to be citizens of the world how scary and difficult it would be to let them go out into world on their own!
The morning after she left, I woke up feeling sad and sorry for myself.
I imagined a future where all three of my girls are scattered around the world as my husband and I sit around wondering why we thought it was such a great idea to raise them global.

I smiled at my own humanity and sat down to do my morning visualization practice.

My morning visualization practice consists of 3 parts:
Grounding myself
Balancing my energy
Envisioning the future I want to create
As I balanced my energy, I remembered that I’m not bound by the negative scenarios that my mind can conjure up.
If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past challenging year, it’s that I create my own reality.

As I put my energy on what I want (rather than what I don’t want), miracles happen.

Over the past year, I manifested:
The opportunity to be in a safe, low Covid-19 area in Florida and spend quality time with my elderly parents as Colombia, the country I live in, was on complete lockdown for months. Children in Colombia weren’t allowed outside AT ALL for months, whereas we had the privilege of visiting unpopulated Gulf Coast beaches!
A free private plane back home to Colombia as soon as it eased restrictions
Quality time with all five members of my family
More closeness and fulfillment in my marriage
Glorious time in the abundant nature of Colombia
A community of consciousness seeking people in Colombia who I can spend time with in socially distanced ways (Yep, I attracted the community I always wanted during the pandemic!)
Expanding my online community of amazing women who want to live extraordinary lives by over 10,000!
Growing my business as I serve women from all over the globe!
Being invited to writer’s group, led by a woman whose work changed my life twenty-five years ago, to support and encourage me to write my book
Getting into better shape physically and into a more peaceful state of mind
My 18-year-old coming home for the holidays with her boyfriend (whom we never met before), which seemed impossible just a month ago due to Covid-19 travel restrictions
And so much more that I can’t even think of right now
Surely the same energy that helped me manifest so much abundance during such a challenging time can continue to help me manifest happiness, joy and possibility in 2021 and beyond.
So, here’s what I envisioned as the future I want to create:
To feel gratitude, love, appreciation, joy and connection as I go about my days
To have a healthy, energetic body and a zestful attitude
To be surrounded by my family, friends and loved ones on a daily basis (I don’t know how but I want to see my girls a lot after they grow up and leave the house.)
To continue to be in love with my husband
To live to near the beach
To help millions of women live agelessly through my business and upcoming book
To have adventures

Here’s the real miracle: focusing on what I want to create instantly changed my mood to possibility and hope.

It’s so simple, yet so profound. A habit I have perfected over the years.
When I notice myself upset about something, use that as information to figure out what I want. What would make me feel better?
Use this information to visualize my future full of what I want.
Remove the resistance I have to receiving what I want.
Get what I want.
It’s a practice that’s helped me and the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the past nearly 20 decades transform our lives.
It’s really that easy.
And I want to share my Morning Visualization Ritual with you so you too can start practicing being a creator in your life and manifesting what your heart desires.

Check out the Morning Visualization Ritual video here.

Do it for a month every day and watch your life change!

As always, I’d love to hear from you about how this practice is working for you. Leave a comment below or reach out to me by email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!




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