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Fullfilling a Major Dream Thanks to My Money Personality

May 14, 2019

2019 for me is all about fulfilling my dreams!

Not only am I writing my book but I’m working hard to fulfill another dream I have had for the past couple of years – to create a community of amazing, powerful women ages 40 – 55 so we can balance those pesky hormones and support each other in upleveling every area of our lives so we can be the badass queens we are meant to be in this stage.

I started noticing my hormones changing in my early 40’s and feeling the effects – moodiness, weight gain, feeling like I needed AC as my husband snuggled under the covers to keep warm. I looked for resources to handle this stage of life naturally and it was surprisingly hard to find the help that I needed.

There were so many options but they seemed so intrusive and confusing.

The road to balancing my own hormones and making sense of this stage of life led me to some incredible wise women, healers and powerful women who are impacting the world in a major way.

At the same time, most of my friends, clients and pretty much every woman over the age of 40 who I met seemed to be dealing with hormonal issues, not to mention questioning pretty much everything in their lives from their careers (Have I done enough? Made enough impact? Is this making me happy?) to their relationships (Is this it? Where’s the spark? Or I want out but what about the kids? Or where do I find Mr. Right at this stage of life?).

How I dreamed of getting them all the amazing wise women and healers I know together so we can all learn how to balance our hormones and uplevel every area of our lives.

And then I had an idea – I could do just that! I could reach out to these women (and their wise women friends and colleagues) and plan an online summit.

The voices in my head started saying, “What do you know about running a summit? It’s going to be so much work! These women are so busy with so many commitments, why would they join your summit? What if nobody wants to participate?“

Hmmm… here’s one thing I know about myself, thanks to having taken the Sacred Money Archetypes ® quiz and learning all about my money personality – I’m a Connector.

That means that one of my major strengths is connecting to people and creating relationships that benefit everyone involved.

So before my fearful mind could talk me out of it, I got on Facebook and put out a call for experts in all areas of life – hormones, career/purpose, relationships, sex, money, parenting, health, beauty – and told them about my dream.

You would not believe how many women responded!

I have spent the past couple of weeks talking to amazing women from all walks of life, and not only is my Connector having the time of her life, I am learning so much about making the most of our 40’s, 50’s and beyond. And I can’t wait to offer all that knowledge to you. More on that later…

In the meantime,

I’m just grateful to my Connector for helping me turn my dream into reality.

If you want to uncover your money personality and learn how to use your strengths to help make your dreams come true, take the 10-minute Sacred Money Archetypes ® Quiz and then watch this video.

It’s my gift to you.

You’re welcome.

Happy Tuesday!




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