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From Near Divorce to Wedded Bliss

Oct 24, 2023

A Client of Mine was a Nurturer. Her Husband was a Maverick.

But they didn’t know this.

What they knew is that they were fighting like crazy, and she was fed up.
He was a high roller, a businessman with a thousand ideas. Some really successful. Some less so. Sometimes they had millions in the bank and sometimes they didn’t have enough to pay the electricity bill.
My client was fed up and wondering how she could possibly stay with her husband of 20 years.

Then she took the Sacred Money Archetypes quiz I gave her and learned that her primary archetype was Nurturer. That meant that she often put everyone else’s needs ahead of her own and supported her husband in his business ideas even if it meant risking their family’s financial stability.

It also meant that she often felt resentful and taken advantage of.
She asked her husband to take the quiz and sure enough, he is a Maverick. That means that he has a huge tolerance for risk and the need to make it big doing something that hasn’t been done before. He is comfortable living on a roller coaster and doesn’t always realize that other people don’t have the same tolerance for risk as he does.

Knowledge is power and my client realized that she could change her patterns.

She realized that thanks to her Nurturer, she had been enabling her husband’s behavior and she started setting limits.
At first, he didn’t like the limits but he soon realized that she meant business.
I’m not going to tell you that it was easy, and they had to work at it, but eventually they worked out a deal that honored both of their needs and desires: no more risky business ventures until they could save up enough to have their living expenses and a healthy savings covered.
Once they had it all covered, my client’s husband could use the excess cash to invest in his business ventures.
This changed their marriage. They were no longer fighting all the time because they had a plan and more importantly, they finally understood each other and started respecting their differences and honoring their needs.

The Sacred Money Archetypes literally saved their marriage.

What about you? Are you curious what your Sacred Money Archetypes are?

Take a 10-minute quiz here and find out.

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