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Feel torn between your kids and your work?

Jun 4, 2017

My youngest turned 7 last week. Her sisters are turning 12 and 15 this summer.

Holy crap! How did that happen????!

Now don’t get me wrong, the part of me that loves freedom and adventure is thrilled that my kids are getting older and we can do more fun stuff together.

And I have more freedom to follow my own bliss… I’m definitely somebody who has plenty of interests and a life that would be full even if I wasn’t a mama of 3.

It’s just that it’s bittersweet….

As much as being a mom has tied me down at times, there are also few pleasures in life for me like cuddling with my youngest and feeling her sweet kisses on my face.

The older ones don’t do that anymore. Or at least not with such adoration. (And come on, who doesn’t love to be adored?)

And I have to confess, feeling the passage of time always makes me a little anxious. I fret a bit about whether I made the most of the time I had, whether I was truly present for all the precious moments.

I can never get them back…

I’m guessing that every working parent knows what I’m talking about. When I work, I often feel guilty and somewhat unsettled that I’m not with my kids or doing more for them.  Yet, when I‘m with them, I‘m thinking about all that I want to and have to do for work.

Can you relate?

As I reflect on it all though, I’m so grateful that I left a high-flying career in finance that wasn’t me to pursue my passions (personal growth and travel) and purpose (teaching what I’ve learned on my life’s journey). Coaching people to find their passions and purpose while creating extraordinary lives has allowed me to grow, to help others and to be authentically me.

The truth is that I couldn’t live any other way.

Plus, I would be a terrible mom if I wasn’t doing what I loved.

And we’re raising kids who know themselves and pursue their passions wholeheartedly. It’s pretty cool!

So what about you? Do you feel conflicted about the time you spend away from your kids working and yet feel unfilled unless you are also doing your thing?

Are you doing something that you’re so passionate about that you couldn’t not do it?

If you’re not doing something that you absolutely love, I invite you to check out my upcoming FREE Masterclass: How to Turn Your Ideas, Passions, and Talents into a Purpose Driven Business or Career.” Learn more & sign up here.

I put this class together because to me, there is nothing more fulfilling that seeing people come alive as they live their passions and feel like “they are finally living their purpose.”

It makes what I do worth the time I’m away from the kids.

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