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Feel Like You’re Not Enough?

Jan 21, 2020

I have to tell you something really personal. In the hopes that it resonates with you and maybe helps you too.

I spent most of my life feeling like I wasn’t enough… not accomplished enough, not pretty enough, not nice enough, not organized enough… the list went on.
I went through 20 years of therapy and tried out nearly every healing modality under the sun.
I said my affirmations daily while looking into my own eyes in the mirror. “You are smart. You are capable. You are lovable. You are beautiful. You are a great mom.” I would tell myself.
I healed from depression and anxiety. I began to like myself and then love myself. I let go of toxic relationships and created healthy ones. I changed careers to do something I love. I stopped listening so much to everybody else and started listening to my own voice. I let go of many fears and created an amazing life which I loved.

And yet, deep inside, I still didn’t feel like I was enough.

I worked too much because I believed that my accomplishments reflected my worth.
I said ‘yes’ when I really meant ‘no’ because I wanted to be liked.
I put my needs last because I wanted to be “a perfect mom”.

Can you relate?

And I have noticed over the years working with thousands of women that every single one felt like she wasn’t enough. I have worked with many men who also didn’t feel like they were enough (if they were willing to get vulnerable). Believing that we are not enough seems to be the great human affliction.
And I assumed that this was just the way it was and will always be.
That was until about 3 or 4 years ago, when I ran across a video on how to shift the paradigm to believe that we are enough by Marisa Peer, England’s #1 ranked therapist and internationally best-selling author and teacher.
In just half an hour, I learned a simple technique to shift the internal dialogue so that my mind would start to believe that I’m enough. I decided to try it.


I felt really good about myself and at peace. I started to work less and enjoy life more. I started to say ‘no’. I started to put my needs ahead of my children’s wants.

I could believe that such a simple tool which took about 1 min of my time in total could transform what 20 years of therapy and other healing modalities couldn’t quite get to.

I AM ENOUGH! Good enough! Smart enough! Capable enough! Beautiful enough! Kind Enough.

This was truly life changing and I wanted you to have access to this simple tool also so you too can know the joy and inner peace that comes with feeling like you’re enough.

So, I reached out to Marisa Peer and asked her to be a guest teacher in my upcoming Passion & Purpose Life Course. She generously agreed, got on Zoom with me and we recorded her teaching her simple technique to get to I Am Enough.

Learn more about the course here.

The Passion & Purpose Course not only includes teachings by Marisa Peer and 7 other world-renowned teachers on the subjects of manifesting abundance, getting happy, losing weight and feeling your best, balancing hormones, improving your relationships and regaining your zest for life, but it will also help you:

Get clear on what you want in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.

Uncover your passions, strengths and talents.
Gain clarity on what has deep meaning for you and will help you make the impact you want to make (your PURPOSE).
Discover what gets in the way of creating your ideal life and learn how to stop the sabotage.
Learn how to turn a negative, fearful mindset into one that supports and empowers you and will help you manifest whatever your heart desires.
Learn simple yet powerful techniques to work with Universal energy to create whatever you want in your life.
Create a step-by-step plan to turn your big dream into doable action steps.
Get it all down in your calendar, down to the week or even the day, so you never again have to deal with the overwhelm of not knowing what to do.
Learn effective strategies to stay motivated, inspired and on-track for the rest of your life.

Learn more about the course here.

Plus, if you register for the course by Thursday, January 23rd, you will get my Money Manifest Abundance Course for FREE. This 4-week online course has helped hundreds of women improve their relationship with money and create more abundance in their lives. And I am offering it for free to all those who sign up for the Passion & Purpose Life Course because I want this to be the year that you create your extraordinary life!

Happy Tuesday!




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