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The Easiest Way to Manifest Anything

Nov 6, 2018


Are you able to manifest anything you want in your life with ease and flow?



I have to confess that I’m getting better and better at it.




And here’s the secret I have found to super easy and effective manifesting: getting rid of the junk that keeps us from connecting to our divine essence and to the flow of universal energy.


I’m talking about the childhood traumas that keep us from loving ourselves or experiencing our magnificence.


I’m taking about the limiting beliefs which we learned from people whose lives aren’t that great.


I’m talking about all the ways we succumb to our fears and play it safe rather than risk truly living.


I’m talking about all the ways we do what we think we “should” do rather than doing what comes naturally to us and what leaves us feeling great.



That’s why I’m excited to share with you this month’s straight-talking interview on Women Living Passionately with Julie Hannon, a shaman and teacher, who has been trained by the Q’ero lineage in Peru, mentored directly by Alberto Villoldo and Jorge Luis Delgado. 


I have personally been working with Julie for the past decade and can attest to how amazingly wise and skilled she is. Check out my blog post on how Julie helped me get through a very scary and difficult time here.


Julie and I talked about how:


– The #1 thing Julie needed to leave corporate America and find her purpose (1:55)


– What is a shaman and why working with a shaman has many benefits (3:45)



– How you can be like an eagle and get the spiritual nudge you need to spread your wings (13:15)


– The obstacles Julie had to overcome, especially around money (14:36)


– How to stop the energy leaks that are keeping you from creating abundance in your life (17:00)



– Why it’s so important to exercise your superpower (22:48)


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Happy Tuesday!


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