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Dream Trip to Paris

Jun 26, 2018




I’m in Paris for a mother-daughter trip with my oldest who turns sixteen soon. I promised her this trip for her 16th birthday as we sat around eating an after-school snack eight years ago and sixteen still seemed so far away.

I quite frankly can’t believe it. Where has the time gone?

I’m reflecting on the past sixteen years and also on the past five weeks. You may remember my to-do list back then:

  • Find an apartment in Bogota (a city of 8 million people)
  • Pack up our house and fix it up to look just like it did when we rented it nearly 5 years ago (painting, removing drywall, getting blinds replaced and cleaned)
  • Find a school for our youngest
  • Move to Bogota (and support the family’s adjustment to apartment and city living)
  • Design and launch a website for our Spanish speaking community
  • Deliver several workshops, keep up with my clients, blogging, etc.
  • Buy a horse for my middle daughter (not an easy task)
  • Deal with some health issues and get a colonoscopy (fun!)
  • Renew my passport (an all-day experience here in Bogota)
  • Support my teenagers through some serious upcoming life upheavals (beyond the move)
  • Plan a family trip to Australia (which involves itinerary, many plane tickets, hotels, activities, etc.)
  • Pack up the family to leave for the summer in the US and Europe

I’m happy to report that it all worked out. I got it all done (except the website for Musas which has been designed and not quite yet launched) and the Universe lent a helping hand.

I’m thrilled beyond belief to be living in a beautiful penthouse apartment in the city where I can walk to business meeting and meet up with friends for coffee. I get giddy as I look out the window and see the city spread out before me.

And the whole family is thriving which makes it all amazing.

People have remarked how they can’t believe how I got it all done or that I must be exhausted but truth to tell, while I have been busy, I’m not exhausted. I’m excited and energized and feel really connected with the flow of abundance in the universe.

Here’s what I re-learned from this experience: When you connect to your heart’s deepest desire and start taking inspired action, everything falls into place and works out just beautifully.

You meet just the right people and attract all of the resources and circumstances that you need.

I have experienced this at every crucial juncture of my life – when I left the World Bank to follow my heart’s desire for meaningful work that spoke to my heart. When we left our very comfortable lives in Washington DC to follow my husband’s career dreams to Boston. When we took the biggest risk of our lives and moved to Colombia.


So, what about you, when have you followed your hearts true desire and how did it work out?

Where are you holding back from allowing yourself to follow your deepest wishes and dreams?

Have you allowed yourself to even figure out what they are?

I encourage you to take out a journal or some paper and write out the answers to these questions and see what you can uncover for yourself.

I would also love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch at natalie@nataliematushenko.com

Happy Tuesday!



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