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Create More Abundance with This Tool

Apr 3, 2018


Happy Holidays, however you celebrate them!

As we are still just entering Spring in the Northern hemisphere and the season of regeneration rebirth and abundance, I want to share with you my #1 tool to create abundance in my life – my vision board – and invite you to make your own.

You have probably heard of vision boards and have maybe even made a few in your life.

Personally, I make one every year. It helps me to refocus on what’s most important to me and use all of my senses to create the life I want.

So if you haven’t made one in a while, I invite you to get a glass of wine, put on some music that inspires you and settle in for a creative night with some great magazines, scissors, cardboard paper and glue.

You can even invite some friends over and make it a visioning party! Enjoy!

If you have never heard of a vision board or have never made one, read on…

What’s a Vision Board?
It’s a visual representation of what you want in your life. If you look at mine, you will see that I break it up into sections – family and marriage, career, money, personal fitness and self-care, travel and adventure with spiritual connection in the center.

How to Make a Vision Board?
To make a vision board, you:
1.     Envision what you want in the different areas of your life.
2.     Find images online or in magazines that represent what you want.
3.     Print out or cut out the images and glue them on paper.
4.     Make sure to hang your vision board someplace where you can see it daily and be inspired!

Why Is It Important to Make a Vision Board?
When you make a vision board, you not only envision what you want in your life but you engage your creativity and all your senses as you search for images and get them on paper. This helps to make your vision much more real for you and motivates you to turn it into reality.

Once you hang your vision board in a place where you can see every day, you are constantly reminded of what you want to create and are thus much more likely to take the actions needed to make it happen and to attract the Universe’s support through the Law of Attraction.

It’s truly magic!



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